Invest in a set of gear cables from Snabb… 24 carat gold gear cables

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but they only add weight to your bike. No, if you've got your super lightweight bike, helium-filled blinging wheels, and every other pimpy component you can think of, but still your bike lacks that certain sparkle, why not fit some Snabb 24 carat gold cables?

Not only do they look good, well at least if the gold look floats your boat, but a welcome side effect of all that gold – they're double plated – means that they shift very smoothly too, and the gold coating has proved to be tough, so wear is slow. Patrick Trainor, who showed them to us at the Cycle Show, has had a set on his bike for four months and in his words he'd "battered them" and according to Patrick they're as still as good as new – they hadn't even worn where they rubbed against the bottom bracket. All very much a bonus because as Patrick was quick to point out they weren't plated with anything more than look in mind.

And once your done with them, you can melt them down and turn them into a nice set of cufflinks, or maybe some valve caps. 

They aren't cheap - £75 a set, but hey, they're gold - treat it as an investment in these financially troubled times. In fact, they may well prove to be the only bike component ever to be worth more used than new. A number of UK pros have already bought some so look out for them appearing on some winning machines in 2010.

If you fancy investing in a set contact info [at] snabb.co.uk or check out the Snabb website www.snabb.co.uk.

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