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Dazzling sun - what do you do?

Reading this piece from my colleague Ryan and the comments to it just now reminded me of how yesterday I was on Gunnersbury Lane just past Acton Town Underground station heading towards the junction with the North Circular).

I'd come onto Gunnersbury Lane from a side road, three-way temp lights due to roadworks, so I knew that there was nothing immediately behind me, but as I swung round to face the sun head-on, and with the glare making visibility very difficult, plus a lorry delivering to Sainsbury's Local meaning I had to swing out ahead of a pinch point, I felt incredibly vulnerable - which is why I took to the footway.

It's something I probably wouldn't have given much thought to in my early cycling days ... but having written about so many court cases over the years in which a cyclist had been killed and a driver used it as an excuse (sometimes successfully), I decided self-preservation was the best option.

I'd be interested to hear from readers what you would do in similar circumstances? I appreciate that often (eg turning onto a country road and realising you have the sun in your eyes) stopping or going on the footway isn't an option. 

And are there other conditions in which you think, 'Sod it, it's not worth the risk'?

ps When I lived in Cambridge, I had a situation when I found myself riding along a shared-use path (not adjacent to a road) along a stream, sun in my eyes, did not see a cyclist coming the other way until the last second ... I dismounted and walked the rest of the way until the path curved, I did not want to be responsible for hitting another cyclist, a schoolkid, or a dog. I wish some motorists took the same responsibility.

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