Fantasy Olympic Track Cycling

It was suggested a few months ago that some people on the forum might want to try a fantasy track cycling competition for the olympics.

The idea's simple, pick an athlete/team/nation for each track event and we score the results, the best overall result is the winner.

The ten olympic events are:

Men's Keirin
Men's Omnium
Men's sprint
Men's team pursuit
Men's team sprint
Women's Keirin
Women's Omnium
Women's sprint
Women's team pursuit
Women's team sprint

Schedule is here:

Athlete details will be available here:

Deadline for entries is 8pm Wednesday 1st August.

Rules are:
1) Fantasy teams limited to one individual or team from any nationality i.e. you can't have more than one Brit or British team in your own team.
2) Scoring based on the Omnium where 1st scores 1, 2nd scores 2 etc down to 12th scoring 12. Any placing below 12th scores 12. Lowest overall score after 10 events is the winner.
3) DNFs, DQs or withdrawl's of an athlete count as finishing last and will score 12 points.
4) Where non-medal positions are not ranked (see 2008 men's team pursuit and team sprint) the time's from qualification will be used to rank teams for fantasy purposes.
5) Where it is not possible to rank a group of teams or individuals each will be given the score of the highest unranked position i.e. if 5-12 cannot be ranked by any of the above methods each will score 5 points.
6) Tie-breaks - first tie-break is number of Gold medal winners picked, then total medal winners picked then the lowest highest score i.e. one team has a highest event score of 8 (for 8th place), another has 10 (for 10th) then the winner is the team with the score of 8. Final tie-break is a coin-toss.
7) No prizes, although we could ask Dave nicely for a pair of socks  4

Any questions/comments? Happy to tweak the rules/format as suggested.

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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