99 Spokes is a free tool that makes it easy to compare bikes from multiple manufacturers in a single location (original post). We’ve gotten a lot of requests to make bikes on 99 Spokes searchable by geometry. It’s a pretty nerdy feature but… we aim to please. So here’s announcing... Geometry Search! 

Let’s say you’re interested in Gravel bikes with extra slack head tube angles. Use geometry search to quickly survey your options!

First click the Geometry facet in the Bikes search view.


Filter using Reach to approximate frame size and Head Tube Angle.


Then click the Category facet and select Gravel. 

Now you can quickly sort through your options for Gravel bikes with 71° head tube angles or less. Dial it down a little further and you’ll find the BMC URS stands out with a 70° head tube angle!

We hope you find this useful and we’d love to hear your feedback. 

Happy comparing! 



jaysa [165 posts] 4 months ago

Any chance of being able to filter by Stack as well?

Stack and Reach are the first things I check on a frame ...