Hey all, some friends and I have been working on 99 Spokes, a site that allows you to perform side-by-side comparisons across bikes from different manufacturers. Plus we’ve added some unique insights, like gearing ratio, to the comparisons.

I hope this doesn’t seem spammy. There’s no revenue associated with the site, it’s just a passion project and we’re excited about the utility. If you find it useful, or lacking, please let us know, we’d love to hear any feedback. Thanks!



ericf [10 posts] 1 year ago
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This site is really neat. Nice work!

pjm60 [56 posts] 1 year ago

Looks good! Great opportunity to do really well with affiliate links. It'd be cool if you could display review scores from major reviewers on the comparison page.


Couple points of feedback:


1. At random I picked a Scott Genius 7 2017 (https://99spokes.com/scott/2017/genius-750). The summary box states it's a hardtail, which it's not, but the components are correct that it has an x fusion shock. Looks like there's another couple of fields missing to, e.g. wheel size, did you scrape the data?


2. The comparison for gear range... I have an idea of what it means but I think this could do with clarification - maybe add a tooltip with an explanation?


3. Relatively minor: some product page links are in the format x.com//us rather than x.com/us

ChancerOnABike [68 posts] 1 year ago

The search engines could do with a bit of work. Searched for kinesis... as this was so off i couldn't be bothered...

also the search box doesn't self empty, have to delete the entire text.

currency should be local

AJ101 [281 posts] 1 year ago

Got good potential, shows a few weird things like recommending me a TT bike as an alternative to a standard road bike but keep up the good work, similar to http://bikesy.co.uk but with added knowledge about the bikes

levarg [2 posts] 1 year ago

Hi sjalex,

It seems great minds think alike! I've been working on a very similar website. Mine though is dedicated purely to gravel bikes.


I became a little bit frustrated trying to compare the increasing number of these bikes now appearing on the market. So I created the website.

Likes yours, it's non-commercial. Just a fun project which may (or may not) be useful to other people.