It seems to me that the breakaway riders have been scored slightly wrongly.

Williams should be 41 not 39.

Bovenhuis 34 not 32

McEvoy 21 not 19

Wastyn 11 not 9

Moses 30 not 20 (got combativity award)

Jay Thompson, 6th on KOM 3 missed out altogether

I haven't got any of these riders, I just want to make sure I understand the scoring rules correctly.


TERatcliffe26 [4782 posts] 3 years ago

I cant check the scores as i dont have my laptop as its broken. But im not sure how i would be 2 points incorrect on all 4 riders.

I dont get how there were 6 scorers for the 3rd mountain as there are only 4 scorers on a cat 3 mountain. I think they have messed up as they gave 1 point for 4th and then 2 for 5th.

We arnt doing combatitvity as we dont know they were running and dave hadnt out it in the score csv

tony kappler [208 posts] 3 years ago
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Interesting, the third kom in stage 1 is shown as cat 3, but has been scored on the ToB website as a cat 2. That would account for the discrepancies Iv'e mentioned.

And a KOM cat 1 has 10 scorers. My rough calculations of the cat 1 climb in stage 2, ("the struggle") is that it is approx 5km at 6% ave, a cat 3 climb in the Vueta!!! Does pushing through the mist and rain really make it that much harder?

One of the delights of of road.cc is the constant strategy readjustments one must make for every race.