Can last night be topped?  It looks like it's set up that it could be!

Two trades: Uran and Ulissi for those who can't descend.

I'm hoping that Atapuma, Uran, Nieve and Ulissi get in the break (will the break make it over the first climb ahead of the favourites!?!) and clean up most of the mountain points.  I admire K. and wish him all the best but yesterday must have taken a lot out of him and think there is a fair chance he either will not finish, or will finish down the pack (albeit admirably), so changed for Uran.  4 transfers remaining.


Philip Unwin [991 posts] 3 years ago
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Cat 1

1 Denifl (IAM) 
2 Atapuma (BMC) 
3 Nieve (SKY) 
4 Foliforov (GAZ) 
5 Kangert (AST) 
6 Dombrowski (CPT) 
7 Taaramae (AST) 

Philip Unwin [991 posts] 3 years ago


1 Nieve (SKY) 
2 Taaramae (AST) 
3 Foliforov (GAZ) 
4 Atapuma (BMC)
5 Dombrowski (CPT) 
6 Visconti (MOV) 
7 Kangert (AST) 

Mountain clas.

1 Nieve (SKY) 145 
2 Cunego (NIP) 134
3 Denifl (IAM) 108
4 Atapuma (BMC) 96
5 Visconti (MOV) 65
6 Foliforov (GAZ) 62

TERatcliffe26 [4782 posts] 3 years ago
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Well i have nothing left for tomorrow...


In order to get Nibs in for Zakarin I had to drop Visconti  2 

In hindsight I should have dropped cunego.


So at least I have Nibs, Kruis, Jungels, Valv, Majka and Chaves 


But all in all my Giro has been a disaster bar the mountain TT

1wrangler [119 posts] 3 years ago

Very impressed with kruijswijk today after seeing that video of him limping in pain last night. I used my last transfer to dump him, but it was great to see him fight through it today.