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Commuter diaries - 32s on the pub bike

Rear wheel clearance on the pub bike!

Everyone needs a "pub bike", over the years mine have taken many forms but usually / always a SS; low maintenance issues, less pinchable and simply direct for town.

I recently fitted 32's to my Alu, v-braked bike for extra Tow Path and pot-hole protection and my 1st impressions have been good, fast enough, robust and comfortable. Next stop the BMX track!

Clearance is an issue, with maybe 2mm on either side at the rear, it's enough right?

There is no significant frame flex when I am seated so no rubbing this far, can't imagine it clogging up under normal road, path conditions. I may even take this bike off-road in the spring and summer for some old school, single speed, 700c escapism, free-wheel not fixed. (no knees).

Any way, not the most practical bike in many ways (especially around here with large hills and 16/44 gearing), but in many ways it is...simple, light weight, works well and is inexpensive! Some times a bike is just soulful and you just love riding it, despite it's lack of glamour and spec.

I guess it's about price V value again. This bike had an original retail of £300 but it's replacement value would be much more.

We have planted cycling memories.

Enough waxing lyrically, back to the issue of tyre clearance, may have to get some 28 touring / Knobblies.

Flo K



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John_the_Monkey | 12 years ago

Switching my Surly LHT to 42s was one of the best things I ever did - lovely, plush ride now, and much easier over the bad roads along my commute.

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