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Bianchi creating ultimate brand loyalty?

Bianchi have launched the ultimate cool partnership to try and get more brand loyalty from their customers.

As a loyal Bianchi owner of 4 years now I look forward to their infrequent owners club updates. The emails are written in what we call at work "Italish", a bizarre hybrid of the two languages.

The owners club hasn't really changed my life or my use of the bike. Maybe if owners got discount in the branded cafes they were rumoured to be opening a while back I would be more interested.

A nice celeste mug brimming with hot chocolate might secure my next bike brand decision.

Now and again I click through the email to get to the online Bianchi store. I have been wary about colour co-ordinating too much to the marque's famous pantone, but the odd water bottle or new reel of bar tape isn't too much...

I was drawn this time to a collaborative piece of merchandise which left me smiling so much, I thought I would share it with you.

The Adidas Bianchi trainers retail for a meagre 110 Euro although owners of a bike can secure them for 99.

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