At the end of last year I had stepped on the scales and noticed I had put on a chunk of weight during 2008. Work had been very busy since the spring with limited riding during the week.

I joined the singletrackworld "fat club" with the intention of losing 12lbs in 12 weeks.

Last week was the final weigh in and I lost 11lbs. The day before I weighed myself and was bang on my target weight of 10st10 but a meal out on the last evening with two visiting Aunts put me over the limit. Over the weekend I was back down again.

Overall well pleased but I need to learn the lessons that I don't need to eat all the time, especially when I am not riding.

Only disappointment is that on the meal out I missed out on dessert and only had a small glass of wine!


dave atkinson [6529 posts] 10 years ago

Top work though, a pound a week is good going and what's more it's sustainable. I'm three weeks into my diet now and down to 102kg from 108kg, the target of 95kg is looking more realistic now, and I'll have to hit it if i'm to stand any chance in the fit-for-the-millenium-ten-years-on-deathmatch. more on that later  1