Been a better week this week... things starting to settle a bit and I'm feeling like I've got more of a stable base to train from now that the homestead is just about taken care of and I am getting my bearings.  There was a fair amount of humming and hawing over a possible 3 month internship that would have taken me to the South of France.... a temptation to be sure in being able to trade London's busy roads for rural French villages, but ultimately not ideal in a lot of other respects so I've let it slide.  

This could be in part because I had a good weekend's cycling for the first time in a long time-on Saturday I got up at 6.30 and snuck out the house to make my way all the way over to the other side of London, to Cafe St Germain in Crystal Palace.  I got quite lost in the process and put my frustration into some Ulrich-style TTing to get there in time (covering 27km in the process as opposed to the 18km it should have been... oh dear) but as I rounded the corner to the cafe I was met with the glorious and rather unexpected sight of the Dulwich Paragon club grouped en masse and bedecked in their club colours.  There looked to be about 60 riders either crowding the cafe or spilling outside onto the terrace, and the pavement was littered with bikes-pleasantly surprising for an overcast Saturday club run in early Feb.  

Being a total noob to club riding it was really quite an eye opener, and they very kindly let me tag along for their Saturday run which was well organised with groups setting off in waves according to the speed and ability of the riders.  I was a bit nervous about riding in a bunch as I've never done it before, not to mention rather fearful the pace would be too high and that I'd be holding my group up, but I was put into an intermediate group and told not to worry as I could just wait at a rest point for a slower group if I was struggling.  In the event the pace was fine, and the 50km excursion into the North downs was a good opportunity to take in some hilly and rather picturesque country lanes.  

Riding in the bunch took a while to get used to, but I kept my eyes and ears open for the various hand signals and shouts and soon got the drift of what was going on around me and I can now twirly finger point with the best of them!  Riding so close to folk when decending at speed was on occasion a bit fraught,  but the feeling of sweeping through villages as part of a peloton was really indescribably beautiful even if I had to keep reminding myself to stick closer to the wheel of the rider in front.  Performance-wise, lets just say I'm still getting my legs warmed up... the hills were a bit of a struggle despite my mid-week hillsprints in Haringey, and I was climbing like a stork with broken legs for the most part.

I was well looked after throughout the ride, with Simon kindly keeping me company when I was struggling a bit  until I got my legs back after a particularly sharp climb near the end of the ride, and I met a lot of friendly people during and after over a much needed coffee and bacon roll.  Although not terribly local, I can see the advantage of joining such a large, well organised club as they have riders of all levels and a structure in place to accommodate improvement, meaning that I would have a clear potential to graduate to faster, longer rides as well as joining weekend sportive training runds and mid-week 'chaingangs' when I get the legs for them.  The additional 40k I would need to to to and from through the city is probably not ideal training miles, but I suppose everything comes at a price and South London seems to be where all the hills are at anyway.  

So, next Sat I'll definitely make the trip again and hopefully put in a better performance... And even if I'm not going to be setting off for rural France, thanks to the kind chaps at I now have a rather snazzy turbo on which to get some more mid-week miles into my legs, which can only help when stranded in this urban island so a sincere thankyou guys!


jamesup [3 posts] 7 years ago

A fellow noob on the same run seconds this, friendly club and a great place to get started, though I can't say I took to the signals as well.


skippy [416 posts] 7 years ago

Interesting post, reminds me of similar excursions with a variety of nationalities. Most recent was Monday afternoon out of Ventimiglia with 11 locals. Treated me well on the eastward journey and i guess when i put the hammer down on the climb behind Ospitadello so as to get time to put the jacket on for the descent, it woke them up as the return journey through the traffic was a bit chaotic.

Having ridden in Nice in the morning for a couple of hours as a wind down from the Tour Med. I had taken the bike out of the car on the ventimiglia esplanade planning on enjoying the sun for a short while more when i spotted the group gathering for their lunchtime ride, finished up with another two hours on the saddle.

Later in the evening i was at the UCMonaco club house where i was given a new outfit since they had seen it on the TV regularly since they had given it to me during the 18 months after the TDF start in Monaco.

As i headed back into Italy i started experiencing similar pains to those of August 2009. Arriving back in Austria after deciding that safety was the better option i checked into the Schwaz Hospital for blood tests. These confirmed a return of Pneumonia and Embulisms.

Advices given in 2009 were heeded and yet with all the precautions i found myself back where i had started in Feb 2010, only now it was a return to medication. On top of this i am now required to wear heavy weight compression stockings day and night for a month and daily thereafter for an indefinite period.

POINT I AM MAKING FOLKS is that regardless of being an advocate for Anti Doping and leading a clean life cycling and MY genes have combined to leave me with health issues.

DO NOT THINK THAT CRAMPS are an irritant and when they ease think no more of them ! SEE your doctor ! You too could for a variety of reasons have blood clots and waking up dead is not the solution , it is very unfortunate for all you leave behind .

Too many Recent Cycle Racers both Pro. & Amateur have had the symptoms i experienced and did not seek advice or visit their health professionals. I am alive thanks to an acute awareness of my body and abilities, perhaps i pushed the envelope and brought on both attacks to the extent i was able to survive, others just did not realise or put off dealing with the symptoms.

Act today and survive for your tomorrows !

Will i ride the Giro or TDF routes this year ? Something to look forward to, but health issues will overrule a foolhardy effort !

Checkout as i wish none to join me on the sidelines !