2011 has been a similar challenge to 2010 so far...

The baby's arrival draws nearer, the house move is more protracted and time becomes every more precious.

Being a Father is something I cannot wait to do. Cycling is almost irrelevant in the grand scheme of things but I do want to strike a balance ensuring that some of the family time we have involves the bike.

Sportives, time trials and other stuff might be put to one side as a whole new way of life emerges with a whole new way of cycling.

The turbo hasnt been too demoralising so far this winter and if we can get into the house with a garage I wont be disturbing the wider household when training.

I want to spend my weekends with my wife and child so I will not be banging in the miles to the same extent.

Maybe I will do less miles but do them harder? 

For some people a compromise on their riding time and a reduction in their cycling budget might be a terrible thought. For me I am looking forward to a different way of doing things and tyring to ensure the little one develops the same love of cycling and enjoyment of the environment that I have.

Wish me luck !!

James has been blogging for road.cc for 5 years and racing bicycles (averagely) for 20 years. 


dave atkinson [6530 posts] 8 years ago

good luck! make sure you get plenty of riding in before that child gains the power of movement, after that they pretty much cling to you the whole time  4

simonmb [715 posts] 8 years ago

There's always a bright side - you can spend more time on the podcast! The next ep must be due by now!  1

James Warrener [1086 posts] 8 years ago

It is indeed, I am still nailing down an evening to record it with the chap from our "social" cycling group  4