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New year and a new way of life...

2011 has been a similar challenge to 2010 so far...

The baby's arrival draws nearer, the house move is more protracted and time becomes every more precious.

Being a Father is something I cannot wait to do. Cycling is almost irrelevant in the grand scheme of things but I do want to strike a balance ensuring that some of the family time we have involves the bike.

Sportives, time trials and other stuff might be put to one side as a whole new way of life emerges with a whole new way of cycling.

The turbo hasnt been too demoralising so far this winter and if we can get into the house with a garage I wont be disturbing the wider household when training.

I want to spend my weekends with my wife and child so I will not be banging in the miles to the same extent.

Maybe I will do less miles but do them harder? 

For some people a compromise on their riding time and a reduction in their cycling budget might be a terrible thought. For me I am looking forward to a different way of doing things and tyring to ensure the little one develops the same love of cycling and enjoyment of the environment that I have.

Wish me luck !!

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