Went mountain biking in Wales this weekend wih friends. Rode the trails at Llandegla and Penmachno which were fun. I like natural trails but booking a weekend with friends just getting on with it is useful when it could be cold.

But the weather was nice and warm, 54km on Saturday and about 40km on Sunday. Couple of pints of Guinness and watching the Republic win at Rugby on Saturday night.

Will go to bed tired and happy tonight.


Denzil Dexter [143 posts] 10 years ago

Research suggests that bonus weather= memorable riding and occasionally unexpected tan lines

DaSy [872 posts] 10 years ago

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was cajouled into riding an MTB for the first time in about 3 years this weekend.

My mate who owns a mountain bike shop had arranged a day out in Afan with a group of guys from the shop, and insisted that I try one of his new bikes and not take my Cove. On arriving at Glyncorrwg I discovered they were all on either Titus' or light 4" travel XC bikes, but sat on the side of his van was this big 6" travel freeridie kinda bike, a Commencal Meta 6.2 for me!

He reckoned it would even things up on the climbs (we were riding Whites Level and the Wall linked by Parson Folly) of which there were quite a few.

After leaving them all by a long way on the climbs, as this thing although heavy, climbed pretty well, his plan backfired as it also meant that downhilling on this insane bike was a breeze. It didn't go down too well that the roadie was first up and first down the trails!

The funniest thing was how I looked very retro in my MTB clothing of several years ago, I was state of the art then, but a tad outdated nowadays and juxtaposed to a very spangley new bike was, in my opinion anyway, pretty cool.

I really enjoyed the day out, but won't be going back to MTB's in any hurry, I would still have preferred to be riding the mountains round there on the road bike.

DaveP [412 posts] 10 years ago

So good for riding that I washed the grime off my road bike.

Actually ride it....? Don't be silly!