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Commuter diaries - Garage Bikes


As someone who works in the cycling market and a lover of all things bike I am torn by the Garage Bike! While I love the fact that people are dusting off their old bikes and cycling for the 1st time in 20 years; I also think it is so important that people buy new bikes for the growth and survival of our sport and industry. But I have to admit some of the old bikes I see are classics and must have a story to tell, that's why I love them. One of my favourite bikes is my Dawes shopper, pub, commute bike, complete with rack, guards and everything you need for cycle survival. I suppose the garage bike will always live on, aren't our svelte European road bikes the garage bikes of the future?

This is a fine example an old Holdsworth re-vitalised with new wheels, brakes, cables and guards, but with all the original charm.

Flo K

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