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My ride of 2015

Its been emotional so far, but James is in reflective mood

 A simple training ride in blazing heat on my best bike and with all my best gear…

I headed out after some tough rides and heavy racing schedule to enjoy the sunshine and enjoy some hills.

It worked. It was just one of those morning when the traffic fell kindly and the roads were quiet and perfect.

I headed my usual route out down the service road against the A1M before climbing past Elton and up above the parachutists (if that’s the right word) at Sibson.

Wansford is a wonderfully scenic village with lovely old stone buildings and bridges. It was hot, hot, hot by now and the stone was deflecting warm breeze on to me.

I appreciated the shelter of the tree line into Kings Cliffe before heading over towards Corby and a little bit of headwind…

That was temporary though and the return leg was run off at a rapid average as everything seemed so easy and natural.

Everyone has that couple of rides a year when the pedals turn so naturally and you can pour of the effort whilst feeling no pain. This was that day… I floated back across Northamptonshire and towards home with a massive smile on my face and knowing I had been set up for a weekend of smiles.

So what was the ride of 2015 to date for you all?




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MuddyGoose | 8 years ago

I have had several rides of 2015.  The Tour of Cambridgeshire springs to mind as does the subsequent race in Denmark.  But oddly enough my ride of 2015 was this one - - because I so nearly wimped out and didn't ride it but am so glad I did.


James Warrener | 8 years ago

The TTT is a brutal thing : ) well done. 

peted76 | 8 years ago

Nice post, yes, mine was July I think,  3up lumpy team time trial which the club does every now and again. A mongrel team which ended up very well matched.

I've gone harder more exotic and faster but this stands out as a cracking ride out.

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