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Does the weather know when you are tired..?

It has been a busy week with wedding planning and a short break in Newcastle... This morning was about grabbing an hour on the bike but I was sore after my regular trip to the Chiropractor and the dark, cloudy morning didn't make me feel great.

The Holme Road is generally avoided by the local Peterborough cycling purists. 3.5 miles of rapidly disintegrating farm service road elevated about fields and ditches but still below sea level. This morning as I turned from the south and headed back up it the road decided that my decision to ride it whilst showing fatigue needed punishing.

First came the sleet flying across the fields on the back of a strengthening wind... Its only a few miles I thought as I dug in and tried to keep above 12 mph.

But as I hit the dog leg in the road at the aptly named "Halfway Farm" the swirling wind seemed to focus squarely on my jaw and it absolutely battered me all the way home.

I was out of the saddle in the small ring working hard to try and keep some sort of forward motion and even tried a little zig-zagging to have some restbite from the wind.

The Holme Road is an amazing ride when it is calm... loads of dark peat rich fields and a lovely forest to one side, but when the weather turns nasty you don't want to be there.

2 miles from the tip of the road at my house there had been no rain...  I might have another crack at it again in the morning.

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