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Best cheap cycling jerseys 2024 — cooling comfort on your bike rides from just £21

Want to stay comfortable without spending a fortune? Pick up one of these great cycling jerseys that won't break the bank

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While arguably not quite as vital as some quality padded bib shorts, a cycling jersey can really help enhance your on-bike comfort. When you're looking for one of the best cycling jerseys for your money, you will notice that the price tags range from as little as £20 to as much as £300 for very high-tech jerseys. This means it can be difficult to distinguish between 'cheap', good value, but as a general rule in 2023, if you just want to stay cool and comfortable, you don't really need to pay more than £70 for a great cycling jersey.

All the jerseys listed below have impressed our reviewers due to their performance, quality and value, and achieved high review scores. All of them also cost less than £70, some considerably less; although if your budget is greater, or you just want to compared a wider price range, then you can also check out our overall guide to the best cycling jerseys too. 

Do you really need a cycling jersey? Everything you need to know about fabrics, fit, features and more

A cycling jersey that is cheap doesn't have to  mean poor quality, as this guide demonstrates. Major cycling apparel brands such as Van Rysel and dhb consistently produce affordable, yet great-performing products, amongst other manufacturers. 

Cycling jerseys come usually in a gender-specific cut, but casual jerseys that aren't meant to be close-fitting are sometimes unisex. We've included unisex, men's and women's jerseys in this guide, and many of them are available in two fits even if we haven't reviewed both.

If you've landed on this guide in the winter months, be sure to check out our winter cycling jerseys guide and bookmark this page for when the weather brightens up. Without further ado, here are our top affordable jersey picks! 

Best cheap cycling jerseys

dhb Short Sleeve Jersey

dhb Short Sleeve Jersey

Best cheap cycling jersey overall
Buy now for £21 from Wiggle
Soft, plush feel
Neat but not tight cut
Understated good looks
Great price
Pockets don't cope well with weight

The dhb Short Sleeve Jersey deserves our best overall budget jersey title, which applies to both the men's and women's version of it. In our reviews, both our male and female reviewers praised this jersey for comfort, good looks and quality, and all at a bargain price. 

dhb's Short Sleeve Jersey is a great choice if you like a casual fit and don't tend to load up pockets - as those two back pockets are the only gripe our reviewers had with this jersey. Made from polyester (partially recycled) this top has a plush, delicate feel to it, and feels great even against bare skin. It isn't as warm as the soft-to-touch fabric might suggest; it's almost merino-like to feel and look at, but doesn't offer merino protection in chillier weather.

Overall, the understated design and relaxed fit make this jersey a really versatile bit of kit; it'll appeal to commuters, gravel riders, tourers or trail riders, not just roadies. There are plenty of colour options available, which should cover most tastes, and there is a wide size range available for both women and men. Costing only £30, this jersey is likely not going to disappoint you! 

Read more on our review of the dhb Women’s Short Sleeve Jersey - the men's review is linked below. 

Scimitar Eco1 Recycled Cycling Jersey

Scimitar Eco1 Recycled Cycling Jersey

Best eco-friendly jersey
Buy now for £24.5 from Scimitar
Lightweight yet rugged
Good wicking
Eco credentials
Zipper tag could be a little bigger

The Scimitar Eco1 Recycled Cycling Jersey is a stylish lightweight jersey with some lovely touches. Despite the figure-hugging cut, the material has sufficient give to fit comfortably over a long-sleeve base layer, extending its horizons beyond the indoor trainer during winter. 

Making this jersey a perfect option for more eco-conscious cyclists is the polyester used in this jersey. It's sourced from up to seven recycled plastic bottles, with the main body being 83% recycled polyester, and the collar 100% recycled polyester. Worn against the skin during indoor trainer sessions, the fabric does feel slightly synthetic – no more so than modern summer jerseys, really, although if you're used to waffle weave polyesters you might be more aware of the difference.

The jersey features three regular back pockets and a zipped valuables pocket. At £55 this jersey represents good value for money, and we reckon the Scimitar's recycled composition sets it slightly apart from price-matched competitors. This jersey is also available in both men's and women's fits. 

Chapeau Club Jersey

Chapeau Club Jersey

Best relaxed but not baggy fit jersey
Buy now for £28 from Chapeau!
Good value
Good sized pockets
Nice fit
Not as breathable as some
No zip pocket

The Chapeau Club is a great choice for a year-round jersey, at an attractive price (especially at the time of writing, as it's on sale for under 30 quid). The fit is excellent and it's available in a large range of styles, though it lacks a zip pocket. 

This jersey is a mid-range summer top that copes well in a variety of conditions. It may not be at the pinnacle of performance but at this price point, it's an attractive proposition. In our testing, we found that the pockets are large enough to carry plenty of cargo – though there's no zipped one for valuables – and the fit is excellent. It's also available in all sorts of colours and styles if this 'Denim Coral' style doesn't take your fancy.

The fit of this jersey impressed in our review, offering a relaxed fit without feeling too baggy. 

Galibier Sentinel Foul Weather Jersey

Galibier Sentinel Foul Weather Jersey

Best all-weather cycling jersey
Buy now for £69.25 from Galibier
Impressive water resistance
Plenty of reflective detailing
Decent breathability
Great price
Pocket access a little restrictive

The Galibier Sentinel blurs the lines on what defines a jacket and jersey thanks to its mixture of weatherproofing, lightweight race styling and short sleeves. It's not a new concept, but one that Galibier has executed very well indeed, and at a relative bargain price.

According to Galibier, the Sentinel is a jersey designed to work with just a baselayer, within an outdoor temperature range of 7-16°C. We found that at about 5°C with just a summer baselayer underneath and a pair of arm warmers, it performed well. The jersey is coated with a DWR (durable water repellent) treatment, but rather than it being applied at the end of manufacturing, the fabric is treated before production starts, which makes it longer lasting according to Galibier.

The fit of the Sentinel is performance orientated, so it's cut close. The main outer fabric used in the jersey isn't quite as elastic as a standard Lycra jersey so it's worth taking a close look at Galibier's comprehensive size guide to get it right.

Madison Roam Men’s Merino Short Sleeve Jersey

Madison Roam Men’s Merino Short Sleeve Jersey

Best merino jersey
Buy now for £48.99 from Cycle Store
High-performance fabric
Relaxed, yet tailored fit
Decent price
Some more eye-catching colours would be nice
Outside pockets are a little snug

Madison's Roam Men's Merino Short Sleeve Jersey really is a high-performing jersey for those who want a more relaxed fit, and is brilliantly comfortable for days off the beaten track. A balance of merino wool and polyester means it's highly breathable and very fast drying. The relaxed fit makes it ideal for gravel or adventure riding, or for those times when you aren't in race mode.

The breathability and ability to keep our reviewer cool received high praise, even at temperatures above 20 degrees. The 150g, 65% merino and 35% polyester fabric allow the breeze to flow through, which is lovely on fast, flat sections or when descending. While you can still get a bit sweaty on long stubborn climbs in this jersey, once your speed picks up the Roam dries impressively quickly.

Galibier Regale Ultralight Jersey

Galibier Regale Ultralight Jersey

Best warm weather jersey
Buy now for £46.88 from Galibier
Lightweight yet robust
Very comfortable
Good value
Thin enough to be see-through in places

The Galibier Regale Ultralight Jersey is very thin, designed for warmer days and, of course, indoor training during the darker winter months. In our review, it impressed us with its comfort, durability and lack of compromise, especially in the pockets, which are deep and stretchy yet surprisingly secure. Not to mention, the sub £50 price is also very appealing.

Galibier says its goal with the Regale was to produce the lightest jersey on the market while still offering sun protection (SPF30). With premium, lightweight materials come slight see-throughness, though, so if you feel sensitive about showing your skin (or more likely, base layer) through the jersey, then a little darker or heavier-weight jersey might be a better option, 

Despite the thin fabric, this jersey still seems well-made and durable, and considering the price, it's an excellent option for the summer months. 

Altura Icon Men’s Short Sleeve Jersey

Altura Icon Men’s Short Sleeve Jersey

Best for comfort
Buy now for £34.99 from Tredz
Impressive breathability
Good value for money
Eye-catching designs
A bit rough around the edges in places

The Altura Icon Men's Short Sleeve Jersey comes with some clever fabric which really helps on the breathability and anti-whiff front. The semi-relaxed cut means you don't need to be a racing whippet to wear it, either.

This latest has what Altura describes as a full silhouette redesign, and uses a high-wicking fabric for the main body and a carbon material for the underarm panels; the latter is made by Italian manufacturer Miti, which claims it draws toxins away from the skin to keep you feeling and smelling fresh in key areas. In our review, we found that both fabrics feel soft against the skin and work well, equally so when paired with a another layer on top. 

The sizing on this jersey is on the more generous side, so we'd recommend sizing down based on our review sample. However, if you prefer a more relaxed feel, then your regular size in this jersey might be just perfect! It's a lot of jersey for the money too.

Van Rysel Road Cycling Jersey Racer

Van Rysel Road Cycling Jersey Racer

Best budget aero jersey
Buy now for £29.99 from Decathlon
Well specced
Very close cut for those who want aero
Breathable and dries quickly
Good value for money
Can stain if not washed straight after

Decathlon's road cycling brand Van Rysel is known for affordable price points, and the Road Cycling Jersey Racer is no exception. This brightly coloured jersey is simple and effective, highly breathable and as well-suited for races as it is for summer club rides. Our review of the jersey concluded that there's excellent attention to detail, and it loses little to none to rivals that cost twice or thrice as much. 

The fit of the Racer jersey is tailored, as its name suggests, which you should bear in mind when it comes to sizing - you may well want to go up a size or two if you don't want quite every contour of your body to show.

Galibier Bordeaux Wind Jersey

Galibier Bordeaux Wind Jersey

Best jersey for changing weather conditions
Buy now for £49.78 from Galibier
Wind-resistant panels keep you warm
Highly breathable elsewhere
Comfortable, soft material
Deep pockets
Impressive price
Could do with more drop at the rear

The Galibier Bordeaux Wind Jersey is described as a piece of spring and summer kit, but with a bit of layering and accessories, it works well into the winter too. It blocks the wind, has deep pockets, a bit of reflectivity, and a cut that will suit those who want to wear it for early-season racing or fast training. You get all of this at a bargain price, making this jersey an excellent choice if you want a versatile top that you can wear nearly all year round. 

We tested the jersey from the end of summer and well into winter and concluded it was ideal throughout. The chest and shoulders of this jersey feature Carvico wind-resistant fabric for the chest panels and over the shoulders, and you find the same material on the middle back pocket for some spray protection. These materials do a great job of blocking the breeze from hitting the front of your torso, keeping it warm and toasty, yet the thickness doesn't affect the stretchability.

Van Rysel RCR Women’s Short-Sleeved Cycling Jersey

Van Rysel RCR Women’s Short-Sleeved Cycling Jersey

Best women's hot weather jersey
Buy now for £29.99 from Decathlon
Lots of pockets (seven!)
Breathable mesh fabric
Good value for money
Washing lost a little of the tension in the fabric
Long sleeves won’t suit all

The Van Rysel RCR Women's Short-Sleeved Cycling Jersey is a great, slim-fitting top for hot summer days or intensive riding, and it comes with oh-so-many pockets!

For just under £40, Van Rysel, Decathlon's premium brand, has managed to make a good-looking, wearable jersey that works really well on those double-digit days. The key feature of this jersey is a mesh panel that runs down the full length of the underarm and body, and also at the back of the neck. Although the whole jersey is pretty light, with a material that wicks sweat well, the additional mesh makes for a well-ventilated ride and the stripy nature of the mesh means it isn't overly see-through, so doesn't highlight bra straps. 

And we mentioned those pockets... as well as the usual three-pocket combo along the back, there are two additional zippable pockets which run underneath the main pockets. If that were not enough, there are then an additional two 'bin' pockets which are located above the hip, bringing the total to a mighty seven pockets. We say we want more pockets so, clearly Van Rysel listened to us! 

dhb Aeron Women's Short Sleeve Jersey 2.0

dhb Aeron Women's Short Sleeve Jersey 2.0

Best sustainable women's jersey
Buy now for £32.5 from Wiggle
Light, soft and supple fabric
Breathable and fast drying
Made from recycled polyester
Smooth gripper-free sleeves
Sleek performance fit
Very short at front
Fabric prone to snagging

The dhb Aeron Women's Short Sleeve Jersey 2.0 is made from a soft and smooth fabric using recycled polyester. It breathes well and is also very comfortable in hot weather. This 2.0 version of the Aeron is aimed at "everyday use, from short training sessions to long days in the saddle" according to Wiggle. 

Performance-wise, the fabric and sleek fit were great on our hot, muggy, hilly test rides, wicking sweat away quickly and effectively. The extra ventilating mesh panels running down the dorsal area on either side do a good job too, and the jersey dries fast enough to stop you from getting chilly on descents.

We found that the fit of this jersey is on the tighter side and you might want to size up if you don't want a very performance-orientated fit. The rear of this jersey is quite long, but the front is on the shorter side, meaning that this jersey is the most comfortable when worn with bib shorts.

Primal Chameleon Women’s Evo 2.0 Cycling Jersey

Primal Chameleon Women’s Evo 2.0 Cycling Jersey

Best women's jersey with bold design
Buy now for £74.99 from Primal
Available in sizes XS-3XL
Bold design
Fast-drying fabric
Race fit won't suit all

The Primal Chameleon Women's Evo 2.0 Cycling Jersey punches above its weight in terms of performance at this price, making it a good choice for sportier riders on a budget and those who like a bold design. Made from Primal's super-stretchy 100% polyester Q3 Elite fabric, this short-sleeved jersey features laser-cut sleeves, mesh panels at the back of the neck and down the sides, a full-length YKK zip, and three pouch pockets at the rear.

The fit is performance-orientated so you can expect it to be snug, and when testing this jersey our reviewer found that the fit is very different from other Primal jerseys. The cut is proportionally much larger at the bust than the hips, making it best suited to more athletically-shaped women (but with a bosom) rather than more hourglass shapes.

How to choose the best budget cycling jersey?

What cut and shape should my cycling jersey be?

Compared to a t-shirt, a cycling jersey usually has a longer back, shorter front a higher neck and sleeves shaped to fit when you're reaching for the handlebars.

There's a lot of variation in how closely a cycling jersey fits. Some are very close and tight-fitting, especially if they're intended for racing. You don't want excess fabric flapping in the breeze if you're trying to go as fast as possible. This is usually called something like a 'race cut', so avoid jerseys with this kind of description if you want something with a bit more give... similarly, you wouldn't buy jeans advertised as 'skinny' if you like them baggy!

Other cycling jerseys are looser and a more leisurely fit if you're not a racer. Look out for 'sport', 'city' or 'casual' designations.

What size cycling jersey do I need?

As mentioned above, cycling jerseys fit very differently depending on their cut. You can usually fit multiple sizes, but it's partially down to your preference which size will fit you best. 

If you're new to cycling or a specific brand, look at the size guide available and compare it to your own measurements. One manufacturer's size large cycling jerseys will not be the same as another's, so try before buying if possible; or perhaps ask on the forum or a cycling friend for some hive mind. To give some examples, Italian manufacturers tend to come up small, and American-based brands (manufacturing in the US or in Asia) tend to be more generous when it comes to sizing, but this isn't always the case. 


Should my cycling jersey have sun protection?

UPF protection is something that most cycling apparel brands now build into their products, and for a reason. We all know the hazards of prolonged exposure to the sun, and some summer cycling jerseys are so thin they don't protect your skin adequately. 

Even if your jersey has protection from UV rays built-in, it's essential to apply some sunscreen, especially on your neck and upper back where your jersey won't provide any coverage. 

What fabric is the best for cycling jerseys?

Many summer cycling jerseys use different fabrics in different areas, such as more breathable mesh under the armpits, and on the back. Synthetic fabrics are popular because they're designed to quickly carry sweat away from your skin so it can evaporate from the outside of the jersey. This is where cycling jerseys really beat your cotton t-shirt. Cotton soaks up moisture and retains it next to your skin. 

By moving sweat away from your skin, then, jersey fabrics help maintain a constant temperature - especially when paired with a good base layer

That said, natural materials work well in cycling jerseys, too, and you are likely going to find fine Merino wool jerseys on the market. Wool is still warm when it's wet, but surprisingly comfortable in warm weather too. Smell-causing bacteria grows far more slowly on wool than on synthetics, so a wool jersey can be worn multiple times between washes before it gets smelly. That makes wool popular with commuting and multiday-touring cyclists who don't want to have to wash a bunch of cycling jerseys every week.

In short, it all depends on your cycling habits. If you are performance orientated, a synthetic, sweat-wicking material might be the best, but if you prefer to not do the washing so often, merino is a better idea. Bear in mind that regular washing of the kit also impacts its performance, so if your jersey has synthetic treatments, those might weaken overtime - and your merino jersey should always be washed with a wool-specific detergent. 

Do I need a women-specific cycling jersey?

As we mentioned in our introduction, there are unisex cycling jerseys out there and these will often be more suitable if you're after a casual cut. Fitted jerseys for sport cycling and racing tend to be gender-specific and cut for male or female body shapes.

Do I need pockets on my cycling jersey?

Nearly all cycling jerseys have pockets, for a reason. They're where you stash your puncture repair kit, extra clothing, gloves, snacks and your phone. Different jerseys have a different number of pockets and how many you need depends on how you like to carry things. Many pockets are a good thing, but don't overdo filling them. 

Having a lot of things stuffed in your back pockets in hot weather is bound to make your lower back more sweaty - but at the same time, you don't need any additional accessories such as a saddle bag or bar bag on your bike. 

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