The Happy Ride vibrating bike seat cover: get more of a buzz from your riding

More pleasure from your leisure? Put away your padded shorts and try this instead...

by Dave Atkinson   August 2, 2013  

Happy Ride Bike Seat Cover


If you fancy getting on your bike to get off, you might be interested in this new product from SexShop365 - the Happy Ride vibrating seat cover. That link is a bit NSFW, in case you hadn't worked that out already.

"Take your cycling to greater pleasurable heights with this erotic Happy Ride Vibrating Bike Seat, a superbly crafted black bike seat cover that incorporates vibration stimulation as you ride", says the product description. You can imagine where that's going. There's a pocket at the back for a battery pack which feeds power to a "powerful vibrator" mounted centrally on the cover. So just sit down, switch on and enjoy the ride...

"Thanks to the UK’s cycling boom and the building obsession around next year’s Fifty Shades Of Grey movie, both adult toys and cycling are firmly on the public radar", Claire Bowden of SexShop365 told the Mail Online. "It was only a matter of time before the two were combined to make your daily cycle even more pleasurable". Indeed. One for the next World Naked Bike Ride, maybe?

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...and - surprise! - it was covered in that bastion of soft porn and titillation for the frustrated and miserable, the Daily Mail.

I was told there would be Cake. Luckily there's

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posted by KiwiMike [618 posts]
2nd August 2013 - 12:19


Alternatively, if you're into S&M, try breaking in a Brooks. (Well worth the torture, mind).

posted by The Rumpo Kid [590 posts]
2nd August 2013 - 12:29


Surprised the Mail don't want it banned as a crash hazard!

Presumably it's aimed at people who would be too embarrassed to be seen buying a mountain bike.

posted by wild man [287 posts]
2nd August 2013 - 16:33


Just put an extra 10 psi in your rear tyre and you will get pretty much the same feeling when riding over a good 80% of Britain's roads Smile Big Grin

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posted by Angelfishsolo [116 posts]
2nd August 2013 - 16:57

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My wife says it is a waste of money and won't be buying one. She says all one needs for the same effect is to ride over cobbles (of which we have many locally)!!


posted by Watdabni [7 posts]
2nd August 2013 - 17:43


Wonder if smartphones can be paired up, like the rumble packs for videogame controllers.

posted by TeamCC [146 posts]
2nd August 2013 - 18:03


I wouldn't imagine that riding for any long time with pressure on sensitive parts for any long time would be at all nice. I am saying this as a man who rode his first 100 mile TT without packing carefully - a mistake that's impossible to correct on a bike in a skinsuit without stopping.

posted by SteppenHerring [230 posts]
2nd August 2013 - 23:30


Don't need one the roads around here provide all the vibration I can cope with, and its free! Carn't say it turns me on, perhpse I'm missing something?

Endorphines going up and adrenaline going down, who needs drugs?

posted by banzicyclist2 [264 posts]
2nd August 2013 - 23:39