Folds in a second, eliminates chain-related anguish

The chain, that nasty, greasy assembly of metal links that connects pedals to wheel, is a favourite target of inventors. The latest attempt to rid us of its grimy horror comes from Poland, where a physicist and inventor called Marek has been working for years on his perfect bike, the IzzyBike.

The IzzyBike is a folding, front-wheel-drive bike with an upright riding position and a ultra-short wheelbase. Marek’s come up with a clever cable mechanism to keep it stable, and has plumped for big fat 29er mountain bike wheels and tyres to keep it rolling well.

It can be folded in less than a second for urban convenience, so it can fit in the boot of a medium-sized car or in a lift, the IzzyBike folks claim. All yo have to do is turn the steering wheel by about 250º

You can even add a widget that drives the rear wheel too, for extra traction.

We can’t argue with IzzyBike’s claim that, “The untypical position of the cyclist and the geometry of the bicycle make an IzzyBike ride a new and exciting experience,” but we’re not so sure that, “After taking one ride you will not want to use a standard bike any more.”

Take a look at the inevitable YouTube promo video and decide for yourself:

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