Endura enters the helmet market
Scottish clothing brand launches Airshell road helmet

Endura are launching two new helmets, one for road cycling and one for mountain biking. It’s the first time that the Scottish clothing brand has entered this market.

The road helmet is called the Airshell while the mountain bike version is called the Snype. They’re both in-moulded and Endura claim weights of 220g for each in a S/M size. That doesn’t put them among the very lightest helmets out there but they certainly sit towards that end of the spectrum.

The helmets feature glass-fibre/ carbon-fibre reinforcement bridges and what Endura call ClearThru air vents that, combined with internal HeadStream airflow channels, are designed to direct air through the front and out the back, removing heat along the way. It’s a principle upon which most modern bike helmets are made.

Endura say, “The easy-to-use, one hand micro-adjustment and the three position vertical adjustment on the inner head ring provide a fine-tuned fit. The compact chinstrap with twin strap dividers allows micro-adjustment of the strap position.

“The helmets are equipped with antibacterial, fast wicking, easily removable head padding for comfort and hygiene, including a spare set. The extended rear-wrap design of these helmets provides extra protection to the lower rear of the head.”


The helmets are covered by Endura’s Crash Replacement Policy allowing you to get 50% off a new one if it suffers crash damage with three years of initial purchase. 

As an initial, limited offer, both helmets are available with a free Helmet Pod for storage and transport.

The Airshell comes in four different colours, plus in a Team NetApp-Endura Replica Edition, and it’s available in three sizes.

The Airshell is £89.99 while the Snype is £69.99. For more info go to www.endura.co.uk.

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thelimopit [133 posts] 2 years ago

They look like headcrabs.

Kookas [1 post] 2 years ago

The mountain bike one would go very nicely with a Google phone, judging by how closely the pattern on the black parts resembles the back of the Nexus 4.

kie7077 [812 posts] 2 years ago

Looks like cheap packing material with a cheap plastic cover, cheap to make, 5000% markup no doubt.

They forgot helmets for pedestrians too.

koko56 [330 posts] 2 years ago

They do look kinda cool, but lerk, another company making helmets?  22

(... but, they do look kinda cool)  4

Mat Brett [596 posts] 2 years ago

In the office, we reckon it looks like a Giro crossed with a Scott...