Road Rash Guard protects your precious skin says cycling doctor

Ouch! Road rash hurts and Assos tights cost a fortune. Maybe this will help…

by nick_rearden   January 3, 2012  


Two-part moulded Road Rash Guards snap onto the cycling kit covering your vulnerable hips, elbows and shoulders for those nasty slidy bike crashes.

Dr Rob Weiss is what the Americans call a Physician but to us here in the UK he's a GP; either way as a cyclist he gets to see wincing and wounded riders at bike races as well as treat the painful and long-lasting after-effects of road rash at work.

"I knew there had to be a way to protect ourselves in the event of a crash," he says. His solution in the form of the Road Rash Guard product he developed is to attach at least four of the two-part snap-together Road Rash Guard plastic shells to the points most likely to hit the deck so that they take the abrasion from hard asphalt. And not your precious skin.

An added bonus is that expensive shorts, tights and jerseys are protected, as the video below from a Masters race in Bethel, Connecticut shows.

There is no UK source yet but the price from the USA is $28.95 + $4 shipping which should come to just over £20. It seems worth a look to us.


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Is it April the first already? As anyone whose slid down the roadwill attest, lycra clothing just twists so why wouldn't these little plastic pieces will just get pushed out the way?

Make mine an Italian with Campagnolo on the side

posted by monty dog [365 posts]
3rd January 2012 - 17:01


Looks like another piece of 'something' to get driven into your leg as you skid along..."Look, no road rash, but half a piece of plastic buried in your leg!" Thinking


posted by Tripod16 [111 posts]
3rd January 2012 - 17:19

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Will wait and see if any of the teams pick it up first. If they think it's good enough to cut out the rash then it has to be ok. BUT if they do take it up the price will rocket Angry

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posted by stumps [2755 posts]
3rd January 2012 - 17:55

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don't crash! and if you up..chicks dig scars!

posted by quango2008 [36 posts]
3rd January 2012 - 19:22

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I'll volunteer to come down to HQ and find some tarmac to test these out, i'm a bit stupid like that, but i would like to know if they work at all Big Grin

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posted by Gkam84 [8858 posts]
4th January 2012 - 2:45

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I'm not sure whether road rash is worse than deep bruising. I've fallen onto keys enough times to know the deep bruises are no picnic either.

posted by atlaz [154 posts]
4th January 2012 - 17:06


You guys have not read carefully the article!
That thing is surgically attached to your hip bones, thats why it stays in place.
Safety requires commitment!

posted by eccomi [6 posts]
4th January 2012 - 18:11

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Fascinating - doesn't look like it should work (and to be honest looks like it would cause more trouble than it saves - thinking about Atlaz's point on bruising). One video testimonial won't prove it either - plenty of crashes don't result in road rash but do result in the kinds of injuries on the guy who 'demonstrated'. I guess it's a bit like the helmet debate though - difficult to prove, because you can't rerun the same crash twice with and without the guards. But I think I'll save my cash for now and just try not to fall off...

posted by step-hent [683 posts]
4th January 2012 - 18:45

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50% of the falls illustrated on this video have below knee road when I'm wearing my 'uniform(???)' out cycling...I don't have full length trews on very often (winter being the exception)so how do I attach the little 'pager' to my lower legs???
I know maybe I could use double sided tape to stick to my hair free leg and then attach the device using velcro....nah...maybe duct tape....or rivets....

'Yes..Mrs_Kaner(c)we were able to save his bib shorts, unfortunately we had to remove The_Kaner's leg to do it as there was a stupid piece of black plastic wedged into him.....' Thinking Thinking Thinking


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posted by The _Kaner [434 posts]
4th January 2012 - 20:26

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quango2008 wrote:
don't crash! and if you up..chicks dig scars!

truth. Cool

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posted by dontcoast [21 posts]
5th January 2012 - 0:17

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These look like they would do more harm than good. Got knock off once whilst wearing altura jacket and long sleeve shirt. neither jacket or shirt got damaged but i lost a layer of skin and was badly bruised, so how much of the damage is done by the clothing.

Zero emissions so Zero tax

posted by petethegreek [23 posts]
5th January 2012 - 21:09

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