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Muoverti claims new Xbox-compatible TiltBike is “the first indoor bike that feels like real cycling”

This smart trainer allows you to ‘balance and steer, accelerate and brake’ for full body engagement, and you can even use it as an Xbox controller for interactive gaming

Muoverti is claiming to have unveiled “the first indoor bike that feels like real cycling” with its new TiltBike that can balance, steer, accelerate and brake to “fully engage the whole body to simulate riding outdoors, indoors”. It's also Xbox-compatible, offering an immersive gaming experience. 

2021 Muoverti TiltBike 4Season Collective 5

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“TiltBikes are for athletes of all levels looking for engaging simulations and effective exercise from essential training to E-Sports to interactive gaming,” sums up Muoverti.

2021 Muoverti TiltBike 4Season Collective 4

It’s not the first indoor offering that allows you to game while churning the pedals. Hustle City, launched earlier this year, offers an open world video game for playing on your smart trainer. You can read our interview with Project Lead Marcus Cheek over here.

In contrast, Muoverti’s offering is not game; this is an indoor smart bike that can be used for both serious workouts on Zwift, and Xbox games such as Descenders.

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Basically, the TiltBike can be paired with your smartphone, tablet or PC via Bluetooth and used as a controller for playing popular console titles thanks to built-in joystick controls, which remove the need for a keyboard.

2021 Muoverti TiltBike 4Season Collective 8

Aside from the gaming aspect, the balancing and steering are said to be set up to provide a “real feel” effect, plus engaging all the muscles you can expect to use when riding outside.

2021 Muoverti TiltBike 4Season Collective 6

“Lateral frame rotation combined with self-centring handlebars allow the bike to move freely under the rider [when seated or climbing and sprinting out of the saddle] to preserve the body’s natural fluidity,” Muoverti explains. “The feel is both aesthetically pleasing and a more effective workout, as it engages core muscles and recruits balancing reflexes.”

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2021 Muoverti TiltBike 4Season Collective 7

The patented system, Muoverti explains, uses a dynamic electromagnetic resistance control and physics engine to algorithmically replicate the feeling of physical forces including rolling resistance, incline, weight, acceleration, deceleration.

Muoverti says: “As the algorithm updates a thousand times per second, the electromagnetic resistance control behaves completely as the physics would have it behave.

“This enables real-time simulations such as drafting, angular wind speed and rolling resistance, as all forces can be software-controlled.”

2021 Muoverti TiltBike 4Season Collective 2

Data sensors are built in to capture rider motions such as left-right balance and seated vs standing position, as well as the usual cycling metrics such as power and cadence.

The TiltBike is programmable to match the gear ratios, number of speeds, cassettes and groupsets from leading manufacturers.

The immersive trainer can also be customised so you can achieve the fit you're looking for. A traditional quick release seatpost clamp allows for saddle height adjustment and the standard rail clamp means riders can install their preferred saddle.

The indoor bike also has a patented adjustable stack and reach handlebar, as well as proprietary adjustable length cranks.

Added to that, the frame itself can be separated from the base to mount alternative configurations, such as a time trial or a mountain bike.

2021 Muoverti TiltBike 4Season Collective 3

The London-based indoor cyclingbrand has shared a pre-production preview of its new TiltBikes at London’s Rouleur Live show. We’re looking to get a first ride in on this interesting new indoor bike offering as soon as we can, and we’ll share our thoughts when we do.

Targeted release is currently Autumn 2022. Pricing is said to be in line with the top models from competitors. For some context, Wahoo's Kickr Smart Bike is £2,999.99 while Tacx's Neo option is slightly cheaper at £2,299.

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Jaap | 2 years ago

I'd love to have that pink one. 

Hirsute | 2 years ago
1 like

Do you puncture or get closed passed? Do you get hit by a team car ?

CXR94Di2 | 2 years ago

All those serious about indoor training are on Zwift, Trainer Road, BRVR, etc and most have rocker boards now with their turbos/Kickr bikes

Secret_squirrel replied to CXR94Di2 | 2 years ago

The article says it will be Zwift compatible.  If it works it's a far neater solution than a rocker board.  Wife acceptance factor would be much higher.

Million dollar question would be how much custom support it needs from Zwift and how much they would be prepared to give it.  Steering is still not enabled for the Tacx Neo smart bike for instance.  If Garmin can't lean on Zwift I doubt these lot will have much influence. 

Boopop | 2 years ago

"Xbox compatible". I don't get it. What cycling software is on Xbox? 🤷‍♂️Just because a device is compatible with a games console, it doesn't mean anything if there's no software for that combination.

mdavidford replied to Boopop | 2 years ago
0 likes wrote:

can be used for both serious workouts on Zwift, and Xbox games such as Descenders.

Whatever the hell that is.

Also... wrote:

the TiltBike can be [...] used as a controller for playing popular console titles

...sounds like it just maps to a standard controller, so you can play just about anything, so long as you don't mind a rather weird gaming experience.

Hirsute replied to mdavidford | 2 years ago

Descenders is extreme downhill freeriding for the modern era, with procedurally generated worlds, and where mistakes have real consequences. Will you lead your team to glory and become the next legendary Descender?


You'll be asking next who the Weeknd is !

mdavidford replied to Hirsute | 2 years ago

Oh - that Descenders...

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