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Wahoo releases Kickr Rollr combining the ride feel of rollers with resistance and wireless connectivity

New device secures the front wheel so it's easier to ride than standard rollers

Wahoo has launched the Kickr Rollr smart trainer which provides the wireless connectivity of any other smart trainer with the convenience and ride feel of rollers. Wahoo has also added stability features to make the Kickr Rollr easier to ride than standard rollers.

2022 Wahoo Kickr Rollr 2

“Choosing between the natural ride feel of rollers and the performance advantages of a smart trainer just got easier,” says Wahoo. Without the need to remove the rear wheel, the Kickr Rollr is designed to be a convenient and versatile option for training indoors or warming up for an event. 

2022 Wahoo Kickr Rollr 3

At the rear, the Kickr Rollr keeps the dual roller-based design of traditional rollers, while at the front you have a quick-release adjustable wheelbase clamp that’s designed to accommodate a wide range of frame and tyre sizes. 

2022 Wahoo Kickr Rollr 5

Wahoo says it’s easy to take the bike on and off this system. This makes it useful for those who want to transition quickly from warming up to riding over to the start line at an event, as well as for households where multiple riders use the same trainer.

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Wahoo adds that it’s also ideal for track cyclists or professionals who may not be able to make changes to their equipment after pre-race bike checks.

Rollers are an engaging way to ride indoors and Wahoo aims to open this up to riders who are perhaps put off by the typically steep learning curve of traditional rollers. 

With traditional rollers nothing is holding you upright, you have to keep your balance and ride in a fairly straight line so you don’t fall off either edge. This feels pretty natural once your legs are spinning and your weight is central, but it can be a challenge to get moving.

The Kickr Rollr aims to solve this by enabling “even the most balance-challenged cyclists” to experience the ride feel of rollers, thanks to the Safety Tyre Gripper which secures the front wheel on bikes with tyres up to 53mm. 

“This makes getting on and off the bike surprisingly easy, while also providing a stable platform for even the biggest out-of-the-saddle efforts,” Wahoo says. 

2022 Wahoo Kickr Rollr 6

"The ability to easily take your bike on and off the trainer while enjoying the singular ride feel of rollers really sets Kickr Rollr apart."

2022 Wahoo Kickr Rollr 4

For accurate power readings and smart trainer control, the Kickr Rollr connects to bike-mounted ANT+ power meters. 

The Kickr Rollr is priced at £699.99, which is the same price as the brand’s second-tier Kickr Core smart trainer.

For riders who don’t yet have a power meter, Wahoo is also offering a bundle that includes both the Kickr Rollr and the just-released Wahoo Speedplay Powrlink Zero single-sided, pedal-based power meter which by itself costs £549.99.

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The bundled Rollr and Powrlink option costs £1,199.99 and aims to give riders a convenient and cost-effective way to get the full benefits of training with power, both indoor and out on the road. That’s not a huge saving, it’s just £49.99, but every little helps...

We have the Kickr Rollr at the HQ and so expect to see our thoughts on this rather innovative smart trainer offering soon. 

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Secret_squirrel | 2 years ago

Bit weird that the front wheel appears to hang from the rim. Is that healthy for it?  Thought wheels were built to be in compression not extension. 

quiff replied to Secret_squirrel | 2 years ago

Front wheel seems to sit on a support. The clamp at the top is just to prevent side to side movement, no? Though that does beg the question, what is left of the roller experience when you remove the jeopardy of falling off.

henryb | 2 years ago

So will this, like wheel-on turbo trainers, require you to have a special kind of tyre on your wheel? - or is it more like rollers, where you use your normal road tyre?

Rendel Harris | 2 years ago

Interesting concept – looks more for people who have the room for a permanent pain cave than for those of us who have to beg use of the kitchen for an hour's training though, how small can it fold up?

OnYerBike replied to Rendel Harris | 2 years ago
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It looks like the front support thing folds flat, so it could potentially be stored somewhere like under a bed or vertically against a wall without taking up too much space - although still hardly "small". If you need it to be smaller, you could potentially take it apart every time (two screws) - but at that point you're beginning to lose some of the appeal of the speedy set up. There are more details/photos on

Rendel Harris replied to OnYerBike | 2 years ago

Thanks for the link - definitely looks one for people lucky enough to have space for a permanent installation. Interesting that Wahoo (and this article) state that it will be advantageous for thos who want to roll straight off the warmup into a race or onto the track, whereas DCR specifically says "It’s storable, but not portable to other locations (like a race)" - depends how much aggravation you're prepared to live with I suppose.

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