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Vittoria launches run-flat Air-Liner inserts for road bikes

The tubeless road tyre insert is designed so you can roll home no matter what…

Vittoria has expanded its Air-Liner MTB and Gravel range of tubeless inserts to include an option for tubeless road tyres of any brand. If you suffer a puncture that your tubeless system fails to seal, the Vittoria Air-Liner Road system is designed to allow you to roll on punctured tyres, so you can get back home.

Vittoria Air Liner Road 3

The Air-Liner Road system sets out to provide peace of mind and protection for the ride ahead, whether you are training, touring or even racing.

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According to Vittoria, the Air-Liner system provides “unmatched bump compliance and impact protection, while ensuring bead lock at lower pressures”.

Vittoria Air Liner Road 4

“The lightweight material absorbs no sealant, ensuring that punctures are sealed as normal, and extending the useful life of the insert,” says Vittoria.

The brand’s proprietary tubeless Multiway Valve uses multiple large holes within the tyre chamber that are designed to eliminate valve clogging as well as providing ease of use while adjusting air-pressure.

Vittoria Air Liner Road 2

The system has already been used as a “secret weapon” within the pro peloton, by the likes of Alexander Kristoff as he won Gent-Wevelgem in 2019.

The Air-Liner Road is available in three sizes, 25mm, 28mm and 30mm, weighing 24g, 31g and 39g respectively.

Vittoria Air Liner Road 6

Vittoria’s Road Tubeless Tool-kit, consisting of a pair of pliers and six clips, is said to make installing the Air-Liner Road inserts quick and easy. Vittoria says the patented pliers provide a gentle yet secure grip on the tyre, which is needed when removing the tyre bead from the rim. This is said to create space for the included clips to be inserted between the tyre and rim. The handles of the pliers are also designed to be used as tyre levers during mounting and dismounting to prevent damage to the rim and tyre.

This tool kit is sold separately.

Vittoria’s Air-Liner Tubeless Insert costs £64.99.

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