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Vittoria claims new Corsa Pro is “the most advanced cotton road tyre ever made”

Italian brand says the tyres that have been on numerous podiums this spring offer more speed, grip, puncture resistance and comfort than previous Corsas

Vittoria has finally launched the Corsa Pro tyre that has been ridden to numerous pro wins since the start of the season, calling it “the most advanced cotton road tyre ever made”. The Italian brand says that the Corsa Pro tubeless-ready clincher and tubular tyres offer more speed, wet and cornering grip, puncture resistance and comfort than existing Corsa tyres.

2023 Vittoria Corsa Pro tyres - 1.jpeg

The new top-of-the-range racing model is said to use Vittoria’s latest graphene and silica compound and a new electrical vulcanisation process that “allows a seamless application of the tread to the casing”. It comes into the range above the Corsa N.EXT.

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2023 Milan Sanremo Mathieu van der Poel - 7.jpegIf you’ve been keeping even half an eye on top-level racing over the past few months, you can’t have missed the tan wall Corsa Pro tyres. Team Jumbo-Visma, Alpecin-Deceuninck, Education First-Easy Post, Team DSM, Astana-Qazaqstan, Lotto Dstny and others have been using them since October and Vittoria boasts that they’ve been used to chalk up wins in 22 stages and 12 one-day races at World Tour level. That’s pretty good going for a tyre that hasn’t officially existed until today.

2023 Vittoria Corsa Pro tyres - 12.jpeg

Vittoria says that cotton tyre casings are better than nylon for high-performance applications because they’re more supple and flexible, and lighter.

“With the new Corsa Pro clinchers, [our] engineers succeeded in incorporating the rubber tyre tread with the cotton casing by a new and more sustainable electrical vulcanisation,” says Vittoria.

“Through this process, the rubber tread is completely embedded with the casing, creating a 100% seamless product. The benefits are related to improved flexibility, which grants even more suppleness and perfect adaptability to the terrain. In addition, laboratory tests have proven significant aerodynamics drag gains in fast-paced disciplines.”

2023 Vittoria Corsa Pro tyres - 13.jpeg

Vittoria didn't provide us with any detail than that on the aero performance.

“Corsa Pro 320 TPI cotton casing – the finest available in the market – provides that suppleness, comfort and lightweight pro-riders are used to but now served in a stronger tyre construction which boosts the tyre speed.”

The Corsa Pro uses Vittoria’s Graphene + Silica compound. The Graphene is designed to minimise rolling resistance and improve puncture resistance while the Silca “specifically improves road tyre performance in terms of speed, durability, and grip”, according to Vittoria.

2023 Vittoria Corsa Pro tyres - 15.jpeg

The Corsa Pro features a high-density puncture-protection belt between the tread and the casing, and a bead shield to provide reinforcement in that area.

Vittoria says that although the Corsa Pro is the primary choice for most of its professional riders, the Corsa Pro Control is an option for “the most extreme road surfaces”, such as cobblestones and gravel, as well as for demanding weather conditions.

2023 Vittoria Corsa Pro tyres - 14.jpeg

“Corsa Pro Control now features a new fishbone texture for increased handling capability when cornering, and a thicker tread for increased puncture protection and extended wear-life, making it the perfect tyre choice at the northern classics and Strade Bianche.”

Both the Corsa Pro and the Corsa Pro Control are available in tubeless-ready options – so you can use them either with or without inner tubes. Corsa Pro is available in a tubular version too. All models come with tan sidewalls only.

2023 Vittoria Corsa Pro stats - 1

Vittoria makes these claims (above) for the Corsa Pro and Corsa Pro Control compared with their predecessors.

The Vittoria Corsa Pro TLR tyre is available in 700C only and in 24mm, 26mm, 28mm, 30mm, and 32mm widths. The tubular version is available in 23mm, 25mm, 28mm and 30mm widths.

2023 Vittoria Corsa Pro tyres - 11.jpeg

The Vittoria Corsa Pro Control TLR comes in 700C and in 26mm, 28mm, 30mm, 32mm, and 34mm widths.

Vittoria claims a weight of 295g for the Vittoria Corsa Pro TLR in a 28mm width.

2023 Vittoria Corsa Pro tyres - 10.jpeg

The Vittoria Corsa Pro TLR is priced at £89.99 while the tubular is £119.99.

The Vittoria Corsa Pro Control TLR is priced at £89.99.

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peted76 | 1 year ago

... raises hand slowly.. erm I ride thin tyres.. as do half of my mates, I don't have any issues with them and having tried bigger tyres I see no reason for me to change them (on the summer bike anyway) .. however a little perspective.. on a 21mm inner width, 23mm Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless ran at 26.5mm... but it's a 23mm tyre right? Erm.. they say it is.. but it's not. On the same wheel a 25mm new Conti tubeless comes up at 26mm... basically whatever size a manufacturer says can be taken with a pinch of salt. Goodness knows what these Italian rubbers actual size will end up being... 

Secret_squirrel replied to peted76 | 1 year ago

That's less true now than it was though.  The new ERTRO ratings are spot on when used with the right rim width. 

Secret_squirrel | 1 year ago
1 like

I think it's fascinating that in this era of super materials such as graphene that humble cotton still has a place.

Also interesting that tubulars go up to 30mm.

IanMSpencer replied to Secret_squirrel | 1 year ago
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I think I've mentioned this before but in the late 70s, Raleigh spent a million quid researching the best braking material for stopping in the rain on steel rims. Those of a certain age will remember that rubber on steel has the stopping power of an ice cube on a mirror.

Raleigh were dismayed to find the best answer was leather but from that the Rainstop brake pad was born.

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