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TrainerRoad rolls out AI-powered Adaptive Training to all cyclists following beta testing success

TrainerRoad’s testing revealed a 50% decrease in failed workouts, plus riders were 20% more likely to increase their power to weight ratio

Indoor training app TrainerRoad has now officially released its personalised Adaptive Training Platform that “uses machine learning, science-based coaching principles, and an unprecedented data set to train every cyclist as an individual”.  You may remember we covered the launch of the software that’s designed to remove the guesswork from improving fitness back in February, but it has been in a closed beta phase, until now. Following the success of limited pool testing, it’s being rolled out to all consumers. 

2021 TrainerRoad Adaptive Training app overview

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The training system platform aims to account for variability in training, automatically adjusting to external factors such as a missed training session, time away from the bike or an increase in functional threshold power (FTP).

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“With Adaptive Training, TrainerRoad is able to recommend the workout each athlete needs at the right time to reach their goals,” says the brand. 

2021 TrainerRoad Adaptive Training  2

Throughout the beta testing period, TrainerRoad says it carefully monitored Adaptive Training's impact and the findings were (in their own words):

  • Athletes that have enabled Adaptive Training have seen a 50.45% decrease in failed workouts year over year.
  • Adapted workouts have a 38% lower failure rate than non-adapted workouts.
  • Athletes with AT enabled were 20% more likely to increase their W/kg. This is filtered for athletes over 3 W/kg, aiming to weed out outliers and brand new athletes.
2021 TrainerRoad Adaptive Training progression

“The more an athlete uses TrainerRoad, the better and more finely-tuned their training becomes,” says TrainerRoad. “With every input -- and we now have tens of millions -- on the TrainerRoad platform, Adaptive Training evolves and becomes better at making intelligent recommendations for individual athletes.” 

If a rider is targeting a specific training goal or event, TrainerRoad says its Plan Builder will quickly create a custom plan, and Adaptive Training should provide “intelligent adjustments” throughout training to maximise success.

For those who prefer to pick workouts each day, TrainerRoad explains that its TrainNow feature uses Adaptive Training’s insights to automatically recommend workouts based on your current abilities. 

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Adaptive Training is now officially enabled for every user within TrainerRoad’s platform; the added functionality also comes at no extra cost.

TrainerRoad costs $189 (~£140) per year or $19.95 {~£15) monthly. 

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Dogless | 196 posts | 1 year ago

If people like the idea of this I can highly recommend xert. It does this but takes outdoor rides into account, adjusts threshold power on the fly and a lot more. It's also a hell of a lot cheaper.

mdavidford | 3804 posts | 1 year ago

A shame that it doesn't yet respond to your unplanned outdoor rides though. I think it's once they get that bit working that it'll be properly useful.

jaymack | 479 posts | 1 year ago

I was amongst the beta testing cadre and can say that Trainerroad's adaptive offering is very useful. I suppose it's like having a coach keeping her eye on your statistics but rather friendlier on your purse.

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