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SRAM discontinues PowerTap’s pedal and hub-based power meter systems

The PowerTap P2 pedal power meter and G3 hub power meter will no longer be produced

SRAM has removed all PowerTap power meters from sale on its website, although spares are still listed for the time being. This is far from the end for SRAM’s dealings with power meters; the brand owns Quarq power meters and, as VeloNews reported, plans to focus on new technologies within power meter development.

SRAM acquired the PowerTap line of power meters from Saris in April 2019, which included the P2 pedal power meter and G3 hub power meter. The speculation at the time was that SRAM wanted to broaden its power meter offerings to include a pedal-based system to compete with rivals, yet less than two years later, it has put an end to producing PowerTap’s power meters. Does this mean a pedal-based system is on the way from SRAM soon?

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“The PowerTap G3 Hub and P2 Pedals are now discontinued. While we are no longer accepting new orders, we are fulfilling existing orders and honouring the full warranty period,” Michael Zellmann, senior corporate public relations manager at SRAM told VeloNews. “Going forward, we have decided to focus on further developing the next generation of power meter technologies.”

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Support will continue to be available for customers with PowerTap products, but SRAM has not clarified how long this will last.

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Although no new PowerTap power meters will be sold, spares are still listed on SRAM's website including the PowerTap Dual ANT+/BLE Powercap, Hub Cap wrench, Replacement Skid Plate, G3 Hub End Caps, Pedal Replacement Battery Caps, Freehub Body Kit and G3 Hub Cap Removal Tool.

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Global Nomad | 3 years ago

as a user of these pedals they have been very useful but always subject to surprising behaviour or fails. have had my set replaced under warrenty once and the forums are full of problems - either with signal drops and conflicts with garmin devices (which i had) or complete failures. Imagine they have been pulled becasue they had too many operational design flaws...

cdamian replied to Global Nomad | 3 years ago

I'm pretty happy with my P1s. I had a battery leak once, but I can't blame the pedals for that.

My guess is that SRAM will release their own version with slightly updated tech in the next weeks.

Psi Squared replied to Global Nomad | 3 years ago
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Meanwhile PowerTap hubs have been and are dead reliable, precise, and accurate.  This move makes no sense unless SRAM just decided to buy up and kill some of their competition.

fukawitribe replied to Psi Squared | 3 years ago

It could easily make sense from a financial, manufacturing and R&D point of view, but we don't really have the details to make a meaningful opinion.

lesterama replied to Global Nomad | 3 years ago

My P1s are, unfortunately, unusable now, after about 6000km and an expensive bearing service.

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