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Shimano’s Pro launches Stealth Curved saddle for riders who tend to shift left-to-right

Pro says the new profile helps riders maintain a more fixed position

Shimano's Pro brand has released two new Stealth Curved saddles—Team and Performance—that are designed to support riders who tend to shift from left to right in the saddle as they pedal. Pro says that a lot of professional and competitive riders move in this way. There are also some weight savings since the first generation Stealth saddles.

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2021 Pro Stealth Curved saddle 4

The new Curved Team and Performance saddles come in 142mm and 152mm wide versions and are among 10 saddles in Pro’s Stealth range that feature a short and wide nose along with the trapezoid rear shape. The idea is that this allows riders to put more power through the pedals while being aero.

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2021 Pro Stealth Curved saddle 5

The two new Curved models have been reshaped with a curved profile, a slightly narrower nose, and extended sides as well as a weaved side profile that is said to help riders have more of a fixed position, without sliding forward and backwards.

2021 Pro Stealth Curved saddle

Pro explains that in its pressure mapping studies with it found that a lot of professional and competitive riders tend to shift from left to right as they pedal.

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“Whilst this is a fairly natural movement for some, it can also be less efficient for others,” Pro acknowledge. The brand says it has its Griffon that’s designed to compensate for that, while the new Curved saddle provides stability in a more aerodynamic position.

“The new Stealth Curved also offers a broad and hollow anatomic recess area with a triple carbon-reinforced bridge structure to relieve pressure in the perineal region.

“The short nose of the Stealth saddles provides riders with increased comfort and fewer pressure points in a deep aerodynamic position,” Pro adds.

2021 Pro Stealth Curved saddle 3

The Curved Team model has a carbon-reinforced polymer base and carbon rails, bringing the weight to a claimed 161g. This is a 7% (11g) reduction from the previous generation.

The Curved Performance shares the carbon-reinforced polymer base but is set on stainless-steel rails for a more robust build quality. It is 42g heavier at 203g.

The Stealth Team and Performance saddles have also been re-engineered with a new base construction.

2021 Pro Stealth Curved saddle 2

“The saddle retains the same contact points and riding feel as the first-generation Stealth but the base now includes a 12% larger anatomic area to reduce pressure even further,” Pro explains.

This anatomic area is reinforced with a triple bridge design that is said to add rigidity.

New Stealth models will be available from July. The Team Curved costs £179.99 and the Performance is £129.99.

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