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Shimano uses pressure mapping to create seatpad that 'perfectly matches' Pro saddle

There’s also a new customised bib short selector for advice for riders on the best shorts to choose from Shimano’s range

Shimano has used data from pressure mapping to create a chamois for its Tenku bib shorts that's designed to match the race-focused Pro Stealth saddle. The idea is to deliver improved comfort when going fast.

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2021 Shimano Tenku x Stealth 7

The design of Shimano’s new Tenku bib shorts has been married up with the shape of the Stealth saddle from Shimano-owned brand Pro, with the support of “laboratory measurements and exacting testing from and a pool of test riders,” says Shimano.

2021 Shimano Tenku x Stealth 4

The Stealth is Pro’s short-nose saddle for fast and aggressive riding. “It puts different demands on a chamois which aren’t immediately apparent but start to be noticed the longer you’re in the saddle, especially over back-to-back days,” Shimano says.  

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2021 Shimano Tenku x Stealth 3

“By being highly specific on the exact size, shape and material of the saddle, we could create a far more optimised bib short.”

Shimano says it has reshaped the chamois for the Tenku shorts and developed new microfibre antibacterial honeycomb structured materials which are specifically made for longer rides at a higher pace.

2021 Shimano Tenku x Stealth 2

“This wicks sweat better and even creates micro ventilation in the shorts where the anatomic cut in the Stealth saddle is,” Shimano explains.

Research from – which is also owned by Shimano – is said to that the Tenku bib shorts delivered a higher comfort level and a lower amount of overall pressure at the front part of the saddle than traditional bib shorts.

Bib short selector

2021 Shimano Bib Short selector 2

Alongside the new Tenku x Stealth shorts, for entry-level riders Shimano has launched its new customised bib short selector with advice for riders on the best shorts to choose out of its range.

The selector asks a few basic questions about the type of ride and the level of intensity before returning the most suitable bib short choice over three different types of riding styles, explains Shimano.

2021 Shimano Bib Short selector 3

“We believe cyclists should consider their clothing carefully based on the type of ride they are going for because choosing the right pair of bibs is not only important for enjoyment, they can improve performance too,” Shimano says.

2021 Shimano Bib Short selector

Shimano’s bib short selector can be found here.

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Lozcan | 2 years ago

Another bum deal

check12 | 2 years ago

Yep good idea, castelli x2 pad and fizik arione seem to be a good match.

MattKelland | 2 years ago
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How long before someone develops a clipless-style bum/saddle interface?

Compact Corned Beef replied to MattKelland | 2 years ago

There are clips of saddle/bum interface systems out there if you care to look.

Just don't do it at work.

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