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Scam alert! Shimano issues warning saying that '' is a fake site

SPD-SL and SPD pedals are being 'sold' at highly discounted rates on the website, with Shimano itself quickly warning potential buyers that the site isn't genuine

Shimano says a website that appears to be selling Shimano bike pedals at up to a 65% discount is a “fake website”. The Japanese company has said customers should be cautious of, which it says is posing as an official Shimano website. 

Shimano clearance store screenshot bike pedals.JPG

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In a statement on its genuine official website, Shimano said: “The website is using the Shimano logo, product pictures and other content without our authorization.

“At present, we are petitioning to have the website shut down.

“Shimano is not responsible or liable for any trouble that arises from the use of a fake website.

“We ask that customers take ample care.”

Shimano announced in March earlier this year that it is stepping up its efforts to beat criminals who make counterfeit copies of its products, which have been in high demand throughout this year due to a global shortage of bike parts.

The bike component brand says it will work with law enforcement agencies investigating fake goods, as well as taking civil action against those making and supplying knock-off products.

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It is also redesigning its packaging, starting with pedals and cleats, to incorporate design features that are difficult to replicate, as well as enabling customers to use a QR code, accessible through an app, to ensure that items are genuine. 

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