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Smart tech to check your tyre pressure? Rover Development launches wireless battery-free PSIcle pressure checker

Unlike tube-based pressure sensors, the PSIcle system is reusable…

Rover Development has launched its patent pending PSIcle sensor that allows riders to check tyre pressures quickly before road and gravel rides, and fine-tune during, with the PSIcle app. The Kickstarter page has already raised £9,981 towards its £24,794 goal, and there's 27 days to go.

2021 Rover Development PSIcle sensor

Battery-free, the PSIcle sensor is fully powered and read by the near field communications (NFC) reader on smartphones.

By holding the back of your phone within 25mm of the sensor, Rover Development says the Android and iOS app will automatically open and display the measured pressure and temperature.

2021 Rover Development PSIcle app 2

“The phone's NFC reader creates a magnetic field that passive NFC tags use to generate enough electrical energy to reply to the NFC reader,” explains Rover Development.

“We have harvested some extra energy to power the pressure sensor, take a measurement, and reply to the phone with the measured data.”

Rover Development says the sensor allows riders to check pressure quickly before or during a ride, gauge pressure when fixing a mid-ride flat and fine-tune pressures for terrain conditions on gravel outings.

The PSIcle sensor weighs in at a claimed weight of just five grams. The extension is 40mm long, and the sensor housing is 6mm thick and 22mm in diameter.

2021 Rover Development PSIcle

“Moulded in EPDM rubber over an anodised aluminium valve extension, it is air and watertight, and can withstand hard hits from rocks or whatever your biking throws at it,” says Rover Development.

Unlike tube-based sensors such as Tubolito's smart inner tube, the PSIcle is resuable as it can be unthreaded if you get a flat and transferred onto a new one.

There are two models to cover road and gravel riding. The LP model covers  0–40 psi with a pressure accuracy of +/- 0.06 psi, while the HP has a range of 0–400 psi and +/- 0.7 psi accuracy.

Rover Development claims the sensor can work with sealant. “The sensor can even read accurately if a thin membrane of sealant completely covers the pressure inlet,” says Rover Development.

By pledging $56 (that’s just under £40) you’ll receive 2 PSIcle sensors for estimated November 2021 delivery.

All the usual Kickstarter rules and regulations apply which can be found here.

The Rover Development PSIcle Kickstarter page can be found over here.

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