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Ribble expands its electric bike range with two fully integrated e-bikes for city and trail riding

New models have low step-over frames for ease of use; prices start at £2,499

Ribble Cycles has added two new fully integrated e-bikes to its line-up, the Ribble Urban e and the Hybrid e Trail, with low step-over frames for city commutes and to open up trails for exploring. The British brand says its aim is to add more diversity and choice to its e-bike range to make cycling more accessible to everyone.

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2021 Ribble_Cycles_Urban_e_7

Ribble describes its Urban e model as a “chic commuter designed to be a slick, stylish and sophisticated way to explore the city and beyond”.

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It is designed for darting around town, whether that’s for a commute, popping to the shops, or meeting up with friends.

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2021 Ribble_Cycles_Urban_e_4

“A comfortable upright riding position, reassuringly stable handling and easy step on/off design make for a comfortable, controlled and confident ride,” Ribble promises.

2021 Ribble_Cycles_Urban_e_3

The Hybrid Trail AL e can be used in the city, but there’s also the possibility of heading off the beaten track and exploring local trails too.

2021 Ribble_Cycles_Hybrid_AL_e_Trail_5

“Powerful pedal-assistance, distance-shrinking range and handy features are designed to make your daily rides quicker and easier in every way possible,” says Ribble.

2021 Ribble_Cycles_Hybrid_AL_e_Trail_4

The low step-over frame has been designed for ease of use, while the suspension promises a comfortable ride.

2021 Ribble_Cycles_Hybrid_AL_e_Trail_3

The Hybrid Trail AL e comes with disc brakes and robust Mavic Allroad wheels wrapped in puncture-protected Schwalbe Marathon tyres.

The ergonomic finishing kit is also said to offer a commanding view of the scenery and the road ahead.

2021 Ribble_Cycles_Hybrid_AL_e_Trail_7

The Urban e and Hybrid Al e Trail models are both fully integrated and controlled by the Mahle Pulsar One smart display.

This has been integrated into the handlebars and gives control to change assist levels, activate lights, as well as view the remaining range and capture ride data.

2021 Ribble_Cycles_Hybrid_AL_e_Trail_8

The handlebars also feature the iWoc Trio control button which allows riders to change the assistance level whilst looking ahead.

2021 Ribble_Cycles_Hybrid_AL_e_Trail_6

A phone or smartwatch can be paired with the Mahle Ebikemotion app to unlock additional advanced features.

Prices are as follows:

The suggested build is with SRAM Apex, but this can be changed to suit your preferences with Ribble’s BikeBuilder tool. There’s also the option to create your own design with the brand’s cool Custom Colour customisation option.

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