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New look incoming to Strava’s app layout

New Group and Map tabs now appear at the bottom of the app screen

Strava has updated the interface of its app to make it easier to use for athletes. These app navigation updates are available for all athletes, with the changes applying for subscribers and free athletes, on both iOS and Android.

The fitness tracking app has changed the tabs that appear on the bottom of the app screen.

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The new tabs on the bottom of the app screen, from left to right, are now as follows: Home, Maps, Record, Groups and You.

2021 Strava app layout Jack


Before the update the tabs were: Home, Explore, Record, Profile and Training.

The features previously found in profile and training tabs will now be included within the new You tab, which gives room for the new Groups and Maps tabs.

This improved tab layout promises to make it easier for athletes to find and use the features they want, to motivate themselves and is also said to creates space for new experiences.

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Strava says the updated app interface also allows for more room to grow when it comes developing new features...

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