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NeatCleats launches Align+ carabiner cycling shoe carry system with new cleat alignment tool

A calibration ruler is included to to measure the lateral and vertical positioning of the cleat and also for adjusting your heel in and heel out position

NeatCleats has launched the third generation of its Align+ carabiner carry system with a brand new cleat alignment guide, accordingly making the system “a cyclist’s go-to for storing, transporting and aligning your cycling shoes”.

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2021 NeatCleats Align+ 004

NeatCleats began as a simple metal bracket for hanging cycling shoes back in 2017, and now its new Align+ gives you the ability to measure and accurately align your clipless cycling cleat position as well as attach your shoes securely to the outside of a bag.

2021 NeatCleats Align+ 001

“Each pack comes with a calibration ruler to measure your lateral and vertical positioning of the cleat and also adjust your heel in and heel out position,” NeatCleats explains.

2021 NeatCleats Align+ 006

This tool is designed to be used when replacing your cleats by using these measurements. It can also be used by those who want to fit the cleats onto a new pair of shoes, says NeatCleats. 

2021 NeatCleats Align+ 003

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Refitting your cleats so they are in the appropriate position for you can make a huge difference to the fit and feel of your bike. Feeling comfortable as you ride won’t just make cycling a more pleasant experience, it could also prevent injury and even benefit your performance.

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2021 NeatCleats Align+ 002

NeatCleats uses a laser-cut steel plate, which is said to be hardwearing and also easy to recycle. “Although we currently use plastic in the production of Neatcleats, we have begun the switch to replace all plastic components over to wood-based or recycled plastics.

“By biocomposite/recycled plastic, our goal is to go plastic-free by the end of 2022,” says the brand. 

Priced at £47.99 with the guide or £35.99 without, there’s two versions currently available: one for Shimano SPD-SL cleats and Look Keo Grips, while the other is for Wahoo Speedplay’s Zero Aero.

NeatCleats says Time iCliq and SPD, Crankbrothers and Time ATAC versions will also be available by the end of 2021. The video below shows how to measure the current position of your clipless cycling cleats.

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