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Mason launches SLR steel bike for smooth long distance riding

Custom-shaped, progressively-butted, phosphate-coated Dedacciai Zero/Zero Uno tubeset has been made exclusively for the 'Super Long Range' frame

Mason has introduced the high performance steel SLR (Super Long Range) bike to its range, with grand-touring capabilities promised. The capacity for 700c x 40mm tyres, including full mudguards and multiple attachment points for accessories and carriers is said to give the SLR its wide ranging, long-distance potential. 

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Mason says the new SLR is suited to touring, fast cross-country and multi-day adventures. This is the second new steel bike Mason has released recently, with the other being the Exposure, which has been designed with capacity for larger 650B x 58mm [2.35”] and 700c x 50mm tyres.

Mason SLR 2

Like the Exposure, the SLR has been fabricated by one of the most skilled and established bicycle frame builders in Italy, Cicli Barco. 

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The fully custom SLR Dedacciai Zero/Zero Uno tubeset is designed to provide an engaging and comfortable ride with an emphasis on smooth, fast travel. “It offers class-leading compliance and weight, combined with a propulsive, plush ride quality and maximum pedalling efficiency,” claims Mason.

This frameset is paired with Mason’s new full-carbon fork, the RangeFinder AR, with the AR standing for AllRoad.

The carbon lay-up of the SLR fork has been optimised for this frame’s usage, and according to Mason, delivers a super-smooth riding experience on variable and firmer surfaces. 

Mason SLR 3

Geometry-wise, a 70.5 degree head tube angle (for a 56cm frame) in conjunction with the RangeFinder AR fork with 50mm offset is claimed to help provide stability, predictable handling and grip in all riding situations, particularly when carrying packs or panniers on the front fork.

The SLR’s stack height is approximately 20mm higher than Mason’s 4Season models, which makes for a slightly more upright riding position to maximise rider comfort.

The 75mm (average) bottom bracket drop is a decision Masons says it has made to keep the rider's centre of mass low, and promote the feeling of riding “within the bike”.

The RangeFinder AR fork features a set of moulded-in eyelets which are designed to be fitted with a front rack or rando-style bag support, in addition to an internally-routed dynamo front light.

A discreet pump peg behind the head tube is included to securely fit an internal, full-size frame pump. 

To celebrate the release of this frameset, Mason is making a limited collection of ten ‘Launch Edition’ frames in two exclusive metallic colourways: DarkRoom Red metallic, a subtle deep red that shifts to almost black, and Diffuser Black metallic, a very fine mica metallic with hints of bronze. 

Each ‘LE’ frameset is finished with additional polished stainless steel badging and ‘Launch Edition’ decals.

It will also be available in two production colours, ModeRed and ShutterBlack.

The Campagnolo Chrous-equipped ‘Launch Edition’ build with Hunt All-Road disc wheels costs £4,285.

For the frameset only, the Mason SLR costs £1,995.

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theSplund | 2 years ago

Not sure I like the front rack being so high - panniers really ought to be as low as poss.


jpj84 | 2 years ago

I think I'd want steel forks on that. Also, are touring bikes about to come into fashion? They seem to be a dying breed 🤔

mdavidford replied to jpj84 | 2 years ago

I'm not sure fashion's ever really been a consideration where touring bikes are concerned, has it?

jaymack replied to mdavidford | 2 years ago

You're quite right. And touring bikes just keep on going (I suppose that's the whole point). My brother and I bought Dawes Galaxies nearly 25 years ago. Mine's long since been road-kill but his goes on and on and on with a silky smooth feel over the rut and ruin that is the excuse for the roads in Sussex (east & west).

chrisonabike replied to jpj84 | 2 years ago

Touring bikes are the Henry the Hoover of bikes.

theSplund replied to jpj84 | 2 years ago

They will once the market deems that they need to sell more bikes...

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