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Hiplok expands storage and security range with new Jaw bike rack and Ankr Mini

British brand offers new bike storage and security options

Hiplok has expanded its Store and Secure range with the new Jaw compact wall-mounted bike rack and the new Ankr Mini, which acts as a micro anchor point for locking bikes. The British brand offers a range of storage options designed to fit varying storage spaces.

2021 Hiplok Jaw multiple

The Jaw is a compact wall-mounted bike rack solution (125 x 95 x 95mm) with a design that fits tyres from 20mm to 75mm.

2021 Hiplok Jaw studio

“Jaw makes it easy to store multiple bikes in a small space, securely grabbing the wheel and tyre with a solid grip via its width adjustable jaw system,” says Hiplok.

2021 Hiplok Jaw 3

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it is said to be easy to install with four wall fixings and can be mounted at the appropriate height to store bikes either vertically or horizontally.

The Jaw is designed to work with Z Lok security ties for extra protection when stored.

2021 Hiplok Jaw 4

It also comes with Hiplok’s Lifetime Warranty, as long as you register on

The Ankr Mini, measuring 50 x 50 x 50mm, is a smaller version of the brand’s ground and wall Ankr, and can be used as a security anchor for bikes, scooters and e-scooters.

2021 Hiplok Ankr Mini studio

Read our review of the larger Hiplok Ankr security anchor

This locking point has a cylindrical steel body with a toughened nylon outer, and pairs with both Z Lok and D-locks for security.

2021 Hiplok Ankr Mini d lock

“The unique design means mounting bolts are inaccessible once a lock is in place, giving solid security when in use but allowing Ankr Mini to be relocated if required,” says Hiplok.

The Jaw and Ankr Mini cost £19.99 each.

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