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Genesis launches new flagship Croix de Fer 50 alongside brand new Broadway utility bike

There is also a second flat-bar Croix de Fer as well as new colours and specs for the Fugio and CDA models

Genesis has just revealed a new flagship version of the incredibly popular Croix de Fer do-it-all road bike, along with a Broadway utility bike designed for mixed-surface commuting and general riding. Here are the highlights of the 2021 range...

Croix de Fer 50

2021 Genesis Croix de Fer 1

The Croix de Fer is one of Genesis’ long-running road bike models that aims to be as close to a do-it-all bike as possible. New for 2021 is the 50 which becomes the premium offering based around a Reynolds 853 tubeset. Genesis says that 853 is the perfect tubeset for a bike like the Croix de Fer.

“It uses air-hardened tubes that don’t require the traditional quenching process," says Genesis. "The heat treatment specification for 853 increases the yield strength for the entire tube, increasing dent protection.” 

2021 Genesis Croix de Fer 4

One of the more noticeable changes is the routing of the rear brake hose which now enters the down tube and runs internally in a brass sleeve.

The 50 and 40 models also get WTB tubeless-ready wheels and 40mm tyres. Genesis says that this should increase comfort while offering a boost in traction.

2021 Genesis Croix de Fer 3

The 50 model comes equipped with Shimano’s GRX 810 groupset. Genesis has opted for a double chainring setup with a 46-30T combination which it says is a great combination for mixing off-road riding with faster road sections. The new Croix de Fer 50 costs £2,999.99 with the CDF 40 costing £2,299.99. Both are available in sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL.

Genesis has also added a second flat-bar model of the Croix de Fer, following the success of the first model. The CDF 20 FB gets a Reynolds 725 frame with a Shimano GRX RX600 groupset and MT-200 hydraulic brakes. It costs £1,199.99.


2021 Genesis Broadway

Genesis has used the aluminium CDA frame combined with a swept-back bar, hydraulic disc brakes and mountain bike gearing to create what they believe will be a very capable utility bike for adventure riding and commuting.

The frame and fork both feature numerous mounting points for luggage with versatility further improved with space for 37mm tyres. Genesis says that the Broadway is ideally suited to a mix of riding, so if your commute or daily riding takes you over a number of different surfaces then this could be the ideal bike.

The Broadway comes in sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL and costs £649.99.

Spec bumps for the Fugio and CDA

Elsewhere, the Fugio and the CDA have both been given some spec changes with the most noticeable, and welcome in our eyes, is the drastically increased number of mount options on the CDA.

The CDA gets a whole host of new mounts, increasing the bottle carrying capacity for longer gravel rides. Genesis again turns to Shimano’s GRX for shifting and braking, though, on the 30 model, mechanical disc brakes are used, keeping the cost down.

CDA Pricing 
  • 10 - £649.99
  • 20 - £749.99
  • 30 - £899.99
Fugio Pricing
  • 10 Alloy - £1,599.99
  • 20 - £2,299.99
  • 30 - £2,999.99
  • Frameset - £949.99

The bikes are available to order now and we’ll be asking Genesis to send us a Broadway and a CDF 50 in for testing, so keep an eye out for reviews on both.

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peted76 | 3 years ago

Maybe he means the 'CDA'.. y'know.. that Kitchen Appliance Manufacturer from Nottingham, those bar stewards have a bad review on Google!

I stand united brother, I mean look at that customer service rep's face.. he's clearly a monster!


Spokesperson | 3 years ago

Could they not call it something a bit less controversial ... or do they hope to attract the "right" type of customer?

peted76 replied to Spokesperson | 3 years ago

Spokesperson wrote:

Could they not call it something a bit less controversial ... or do they hope to attract the "right" type of customer?

Do you mean the Croix de Fer? Surely you're not suggesting a mountain is controversial? Or are you referring to the historical symbolism of an iron cross? 

I must be missing something here...


David9694 replied to peted76 | 3 years ago

"I'm going to give you a Broadway you won't forget in a hurry."

no, I don't know either. 

Sriracha replied to Spokesperson | 3 years ago

According to Genesis, "we weren't sure if people would get it, so we hedged slightly, labelling it as a cross bike in the truest sense of the word."

Don't know if there was also a nod to the Col de la Croix de Fer as well, but anyway, a Cross bike made substantially of an alloy of iron, the name suits.

kil0ran replied to Spokesperson | 3 years ago

Not remotely controversial in a cycling context. I've always imagined it's a nod to the Col de Croix de la Fer and the fact that the bike is made from steel, alongside the fact it started out as an evolution of their cyclocross bike. For added Fer they should spec it with Stan's Iron Cross wheels

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