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Fulcrum’s new Speed 40 and 55 CMPTZN DB wheels promise savings of 3.5 watts with improved rolling resistance

The new disc-brake models now share the stealth black graphics of the Racing Zero CMPTZN family

Fulcrum has unveiled new carbon-rimmed Speed 40 and 55 CMPTZN DB wheels with ceramic bearings that provide “faster speeds with less effort”, along with a new stylish ninja black look.

2021 Fulcrum Speed 40 55 CMPTZN DB wheels 3

Fulcrum’s Speed 40 and 55 CMPTZN DB wheels (£2,599.99) are said to have been developed with constant feedback from the pro peloton, and feature technological solutions engineered specifically for Elia Viviani and Team Cofidis.

The Italian brand says the new wheels aim to “provide the most exacting cyclists with the same levels of performance that Fulcrum reserves for World Tour athletes”.

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Fulcrum reports that wheelset with 40mm deep rims weighs in at 1460g, while the 55mm version is 1570g.

2021 Fulcrum Speed 40 55 CMPTZN DB wheels 1

By using “highly corrosion resistant steel races and ceramic bearings”, what Fulcrum call their Cult bearings, the brand has been able to knock off 10 grams compared to their Speed 55 DB wheels which were launched recently in April 2020.

Rolling resistance is also said to have been improved, with claimed savings of up to 3.5 watts compared to traditional bearings. Fulcrum says this is possible as “being able to lubricate the bearings with a drop of oil instead of grease, as well as the machine precision of the bearings, reduces friction”.

2021 Fulcrum Speed 40 55 CMPTZN DB wheels 4

With these updated touches, the Speed 40 and 55 CMPTZN DB wheels do share the full carbon rim with a “Twill” finish and the 2:1 spoke pattern of the previous 55 iteration.

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Both hubs have 21 spokes – 14 to the driveside at the rear, and 14 to the non-driveside (the side with the disc rotor) at the front, the idea being to minimise flex and combat energy loss. Fulcrum says this balances the spoke tensions more evenly between the driveside and non-driveside and helps lengthen the fatigue life of the rim, hub and spokes.

Ticking off versatility, Fulcrum has included its 2-Way Fit technology, which means the wheels can be run either tubeless or with inner tubes. With an internal width of 19mm, Fulcrum recommends 25mm or 28mm tyres, but the wheels can take anything from 23mm up to a whopping 50mm.

2021 Fulcrum Speed 40 55 CMPTZN DB wheels 2

Complete with matt black restyling on the new hubs to match the new black graphics on the rims, these new wheels certainly have a elegant finish.

The wheels come standard with either Shimano’s HG11 or Sram’s XDR freehub bodies, while Campagnolo’s N3W is available at an additional cost.

Bear in mind there’s a maximum system weight (bike plus rider) of 120kg.

Available now in limited quantity for £2599.99, more will be in stock from February 2021.

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