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Fulcrum adds Speed 55 DB Tubeless to its wheelset range

55mm deep tubeless carbon disc-brake wheels come in at 1580g and cost €2049

The new wheels bring the easy of clincher tyres to a wheel that, in its tubular form, is very popular with Fulcrum’s sponsored World Tour teams.

Fulcrum’s range of wheels is rather extensive and the Italian company has slotted this new 55mm deep, 26.5mm wide carbon disc-brake wheel into its Speed range. This is the range that Fulcrum’s sponsored riders use for racing and as you might have guessed, the focus here is on performance.

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The Speed 55 DB features a new rim that Fulcrum claims is a “further step forwards in the search for the best aerodynamic performance”, though we’ve not seen any data to support this claim. As opposed to the version that the pros are using for racing, the new wheels take clincher tyres which are easier for those without a pro mechanic to deal with.

The rims are full carbon fibre and feature a rim bed that is free from spoke holes in the rim channel, a move that Fulcrum says “a stronger and sturdier construction capable of withstanding even the most extreme racing conditions”. It also removes the need for rim tape, saving a bit of weight when you set the wheels up.

Fulcrum has also included its 2-Way Fit technology, which simply allows you to use both clincher and tubeless tyres. We’ve seen this before on previous Fulcrum hoops and it works well. With the rim measuring 19mm internally, Fulcrum recommends tyre sizes between 23 and 40mm.

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Those new rims are laced to Fulcrum’s own hubs. The front is constructed using a mix of carbon for the body and aluminium for the flanges. The disc side has an oversized flange and a straight-pull, 2-cross lacing while the driveside flange is low with radially laced straight-pull spokes.

The rear hub reverses this, with an oversized hub flange on the driveside taking 14 straight-pull spokes in a 2-cross pattern. Both hubs have 21 spokes and feature centre lock rotor mounts along with Fulcrum’s USB ceramic bearings.


The wheels come with either Shimano or Campagnolo freehub bodies as standard with Sram’s XDR driver available for an additional cost. The wheels weigh 1580g and will take a maximum system weight of 120kg.

Speaking of which, these wheels will set you back €2,045 and you can find a local retailer here.

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