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Five cool things coming soon from Assos, BTWIN, Quintana Roo, Cadex and Iris

More of our favourite things that have arrived in the office for testing recently, with full reviews coming soon...

A mixed bag of rain and blue skies over the weekend, but a nice change with it being relatively mild. Here are some of the best things we're testing ahead of the full reviews... 

BTWIN Warm Reversible Urban Cycling Jacket


For city cyclists out and about in cold weather, this reversible jacket allows you to be seen on the ride with its neon colours and can also be turned inside out to be discreet once you arrive at your destination. The reflective strips have been positioned based on wearing a backpack, signalling and in the leaning forwards riding position, to guarantee visibility from up to 50m.

A windproof fabric at the front protects your chest, while the back is open mesh to let perspiration escape. Two hand pockets are included on the non-neon side and one chest pocket can be found on the neon side to carry your phone—these are all zipped for security. Hollis Jones has been EN1150 certified urban jacket, and his review will be coming soon…

Cadex Classics Tubeless Tyres


2021 Cadex Classics 28C Tubeless Tires

For long adventures on mixed surfaces, the new Cadex Classics feature the RR-S AR compound for grip and control under all conditions, whether that’s rough roads or the wet. An updated lightweight cut-resistant Kevlar material over the tyre casing, called the Race Shield +, is said to provide 34% more puncture protection than the brand’s original Race Shield, while ensuring little difference to acceleration and ride feel. Its single-layer Supple Race Casing also promises a comfortable ride with great rolling efficiency at the low weight of 333g. Available in 25, 28 and 32 widths, Jez Ash has been rolling on these tubeless tyres and his test report will be landing shortly.

Quintana Roo SRfive


The SRfive is Quintana Roo’s carbon disc-brake road bike, which combines aerodynamics and simplicity, with a frame that is said to weigh in at 1,175 grams. For a clean finish, the SRfive is built with FSA’s fully adjustable ACR cockpit which keeps the cables completely hidden inside of the cockpit, frame and fork. A threaded T47 bottom bracket is fitted to ensure no creaks and wide tyre clearance gives the capacity to run widths up to 32mm.

There are a staggering 24 paint and graphic combinations available for plenty of customisation. Stuart Kerton has been testing the SRfive in the matte blue/neon yellow palette and his full report on the performance of this bike will be on the site soon…

Assos Millie GT Winter Jacket


In a bright colourway called Lolly Red, this softshell jacket from Assos is a low bulk option for warmth and breathability for winter’s cold conditions. To keep your core fully protected, the front panel is constructed using the brand’s NEOS medium three-layer PU bonded membrane, which should prove to be 100% windproof, waterproof, breathable and insulating. Whereas the tops of the arms and the upper back are made with a lighter version of the NEOS for boosted breathability and to reduce the weight of the jacket. It comes in Assos’s classic, regularFIT which is “trim”, but can still accommodate additional layers.

Is this jacket worth the high price tag of £225? Stuart Kerton has been finding out and will deliver his verdict soon.

Iris Merino Socks

€19 (£18)

2021 Iris Merino Socks 1.jpg

Don’t forget about your feet when it comes to your winter wardrobe. Made in Italy, these merino socks are made from a 70% wool (merino mercerized), 27% polyamide and 3% elastane blend, to make a well-insulating pair of socks that are also odour resistant. The 18cm high socks come in autumn-like colourway of purple and mustard, called pansy purple (on test) as well as a subtler black option . Have Lara Dunn’s feet stayed happy in these winter warmers in the harsher elements? We will find out in her test report which is on its way very soon.

For all the latest test reports, head over to our reviews section. If you want some more advice before splashing the cash, check out our buyer's guides.

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