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Five cool fuelling things from Topeak, Styrkr, Syncros and Skratch Labs

These are the top five cool things we're reviewing at the moment

This week's five cool things is a mix of cycling nutrition and products you can store your ride snacks and drinks in. Fuelling on the bike is very crucial for your performance, and cycling nutrition is definitely some of the most enjoyable reviewing we do. Our expert reviews can save you from trying flavours that are... well, just not nice. 

As usual, remember to check all the reviews we've already published here. There are plenty of energy bars and gels that we've already reviewed, and some of them have also made it to our prestigious recommends list. Now, let's dig into the cool things for this week. 

Topeak Fastfuel Bag Bolt-On top tube bag - £34.99

2023 Topeak Fastfuel Bag Bolt-On.jpg

No, this top tube bag is not edible, but it is great for storing your ride snacks. Named ‘Fastfuel’, this Topeak bag is compact and according to the brand, also aerodynamic. The narrow shape should keep from rubbing on your knees, and you can slot a charging cable out from the neat slot at the front of the bag.

It’s made of PU leather, mounts on your bike with scratch-free straps and offers 0.4l of storage space. 

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Styrkr MIX90 Dual-Carb Energy Drink Mix - £29.99

2023 Styrkr MIX90 Dual-Carb Energy Drink Mix.jpg

MIX90 is an advanced dual-carb drink mix from British utrition brand Styrkr, and it’s designed to deliver the maximum energy when you need it most in an easy-to-sip form. 

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The MIX90 comes in sachets and as the name suggests, each gives you 90g of carbs, but also electrolytes and L-glutamine which helps to fight fatigue and improve performance.

The drink mix is said to be gentle on the stomach, pH-balanced with zero colourants or preservatives and vegan.

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Styrkr Bar50 Mixed Flavour Energy Bars - £29.99

2023 Styrkr BAR50 Mixed Flavour Energy Bars - bars.jpg

Another nutrition product from Styrkr, but this time in solid form. The Bar50 is a rice- type, high-carb bar that comes in three flavours and packs in quick-release carbs and all-natural ingredients. Each bar boosts you with 50g of carbs, 250kcal and has electrolytes in to aid hydration.

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The mixed flavour box contains four of each flavour. 

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Syncros iS Coupe CO2 Bottle Cage - £69.99

2022 Syncros IS Coupe Cage CO2 - on bike 1.jpg

If you wish to have anything to drink on your bike rides, a bottle cage holder is your best friend for storing a bottle. Syncro’s Our iS (Integrated Storage) bottle cage is made for road and gravel riders and has a top entry cage, which means it can be mounted anywhere on the bike (where you have mounts, that is). 

But this is not just any bottle cage, as underneath the cage, you get a 10-function multi-tool and on the side, you have a CO2 unit.

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Skratch Labs Sport Vegan Recovery Mix - £36.95

2023 Skratch Labs Sport Vegan Recovery Mix

Lastly, we have something for recovery. The Sport Vegan Recovery Drink Mix is for athletes needing something delicious and convenient to drink immediately after a hard ride. The drink shakes up to a frothy, chocolate-tasting drink that offers 10g of protein per serving. 

The protein is made up of a mix of pea and rice protein, meaning this recovery drink is fully vegan and also contains probiotic cultures that should support digestive health. 

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Suvi joined F-At in 2022, first writing for She's since joined the tech hub, and contributes to all of the sites covering tech news, features, reviews and women's cycling content. Lover of long-distance cycling, Suvi is easily convinced to join any rides and events that cover over 100km, and ideally, plenty of cake and coffee stops. 

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Patrick9-32 | 1 year ago
1 like

I use Styrkr for running and it is great, got me through a 10 hour ultra over the weekend when I couldn't stomach anything else.

I don't tend to cycle far enough to consider on the bike nutrition but if I did, dropping a sachet of styrkr into a bottle to sip on the way is an easy way to get some carbs in without making it hard to drink. 

Gromski replied to Patrick9-32 | 1 year ago

I just got some of the Styrkr bars. Tried the apple and cinamon one at the weekend and had to stop myself eating it in one go - genuinely really tasty and got me through my ride.

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