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Eurosport presents… a new skincare range for the active

The new Active Skin range consists of 12 products including chamois cream and a no hands muscle release treatment. Hands up who was expecting that!

Television sports network Eurosport has unveiled a new skincare range called Active Skin – which has to be the most unexpected launch of the (admittedly still pretty new) year so far. Okay, it’s aimed at active types, but even so!

The new range of 12 products is designed to protect and condition the skin, when exercising and pushing the body to its limits.

Eurosport says the new skincare and body care collection “combines expert knowledge and experience of sport, with state-of-the-art skincare development and modern active ingredients to create ergonomic products that are multi-functional, and value added”.

2021 Eurosport Active Skin 1

All the ingredients in Active Skin products are said to be biodegradable and the sustainability and eco impact of the products has been considered.

“Made in the UK, 50% of the product range is zero waste with no plastic used at all, and the remaining 50% is made from recycled ocean and post-consumer waste materials and bio polymers such as Poly Lactic Acid,” Eurosport says.

Products in the range are split by the categories of skin, shower and sport. Highlights across these include:

The Nether Regions Chamois Cream (£16) – great name –features the anti-irritant and anti-microbial Nut Grass Extract (no sniggering) which helps prevent friction burns to sensitive areas from in-the-saddle days. Eurosport says this cream is “a rich formula that stays put, does not stain and eases irritation whilst being easy to apply and non-sticky”. Kalahari Melon and Tamanu Seed Oils are also included in the mix for vitamin rich care.

2021 Eurosport Active Skin 3

To shield, protect and condition the skin when out and about outside, the Extremities Barrier Balm 60g (£16) can be applied. Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter and Lanolin provide “essential fatty acid, vitamin and oxidant protection”. While the other key ingredients of Kalahari Melon Seed and Tamanu Seed Oils are said to support the skin barrier function and repair, as they are rich in Vitamin E and plant sterols.

The Good Night’s Eye Cream (£12) is claimed to help you “power through fatigue, eye strain, late nights and early mornings”, with Ginger Root and Cucumber Extracts reducing fine lines and protecting against pollution.

For getting the muscle moving and performing well on cool starts to the day, the Thermal Therapy Embrocation Balm 60g (£18) can be used on the legs, arms, neck and back. This thermal treatment consists of the stimulating Chilli Extract and Wintergreen Essential Oil, along with the nourishing ingredients of Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Shea Butter.

2021 Eurosport Active Skin 4

The Mineral Ice Muscle Ease 150ml (£18) is a blend of Arnica, Magnesium, Sweet Birch,  Black Spruce, and Sweet Marjoram for “instant relief” to cool down, restore, replenish, and rejuvenate tired muscles.

To be applied onto the skin between getting into a shower or bath for the most intense results, or poured directly into the bath when having a deep soak, the No Hands Muscle Release 150ml (£22) is said to be a “massage in a bottle to relieve tension without the need for hands”. The formula provides anti-inflammatory relief to post-exercise muscles.

2021 Eurosport Active Skin 5

Other products in the line up include a Conditioning Shampoo Bar 50g (£9), Full Body Wash 150ml (£10), 60 Second Mask 75ml (£18), Multi-Tasking Moisturiser 75ml (£16), No Sweat Deodorant 70g (£10) and Vitamin C Cleansing Gel 150ml (£14).

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