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Green Disc Eco Chain Care tool claims to save up to 90% of chain oil over standard application

The Kickstarter project back be backed from €19 with delivery in May this year.

The Kickstarter project can be backed from €19 with delivery in May this year.

If you’re fed up with getting chain lube everywhere when you re-lube your chain then this eco-friendly tool could be the answer. Created by Drivt, the Green Disc chain lubrication tool has already won the German Design Award for 2020 and is a development of the Lubri Disc, launched last April.

The Green Disc comprises two discs made from recycled plastics that house an applicator which is made from “compressed fibre fleece of natural material”. The applicator is soaked in chain lube and is designed to apply lube to your chain with no waste.

Drivt goes so far as to claim that the Green Disc “saves up to 90 percent oil compared to conventional chain maintenance”. This, they say, is because “no oil flows into the rags, no oil drips onto the frame and no harmful substances get into the soil and groundwater”.

That’s quite a claim and one that we’d be keen to investigate when we (hopefully) get one in for review. Aside from the eco-benefits, Drivt says that the tool helps you to keep your hands clean during the re-lubing process, though how much of an issue this is, we’re not sure.

How to clean and lube your bike's chain

Drivt says the tool works with low and medium viscosity lubricants which are soaked into the applicator. You then turn the cranks backward while holding the tool against the chain. Drivt claims that this transfers only the necessary amount of lubricant onto the chain.

Green Disc Chain Lube Tool 2

While the tool can be used with certain lubes, wax-based chain lube and solvent-based lubricants won’t work with the tool. It comes in a carrying tin at Drivt say eliminates oil leaks, allowing you to take the tool with you in a pannier or rucksack.

The Kickstarter project has already smashed its £5,660 goal, raising over £166,000 from 5,527 backers. You can still back the project for twelve days with pledge amounts starting at €19. This gets you the tool to use with your preferred chain lube.

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