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Take a look at Sidi’s limited edition 90s inspired versions of its anniversary Sixty shoe

Is this the bold and colourful look you have been waiting for from the classic Italian brand?

Shoe brand Sidi is going colourful with the launch of a new limited edition Multicolour showcase design inspired by “the craziest and chameleonic looks of the 90s”, for a loud pop of colour.

The Multicolour shoes boast a yellow base coat with red paint found near the front and blue back around the heel.

Sidi Sixty Multicolour 1

“This decade stands out for its shocking colours and quite absurd miscellaneous styles that have made history even in cycling. This trend has led Sidi to boost its iconic shoes with an explosion of colour, painting the upper with red, yellow and blue tones,” says the Italian brand.

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The Sixty cycling shoes were designed to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Italian brand and feature Sidi’s tecno-4 push system, high-security Velcro strap with integrated locking polymer teeth, an integrated heel cup and vent carbon sole that can be opened or closed depending on the temperature.

Sidi Sixty Multicolour 3

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Earlier this year Sidi released a Sea Foam edition of its Sixty shoe, with an iridescent silver-blue finish. That was subtly smart, this is bright and bold...

Available now for £350, will you be the one standing out on group rides soon?

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RoubaixCube | 3 years ago

maybe im uncultured swine but i fail to see whats so 90s about it.

Captain Badger replied to RoubaixCube | 3 years ago

RoubaixCube wrote:

maybe im uncultured swine but i fail to see whats so 90s about it.

Kind of tie-dyed if you squint?

The _Kaner replied to RoubaixCube | 3 years ago

Maybe because they look like they've come from the 90s, fade, dirt and all....not my bag...

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