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Spengle launch limited edition Gold £10,000 wheelset, "creating the ultimate expression of Kinetic Art"

Hand-crafted with 24 carat Gold, the one-off three-spokers are described as "absolute luxury"

Swiss wheel innovators Spengle have pulled out all the stops with their latest effort... a one-of-a-kind, Gold version of their unique tri-spoke wheelset priced at £10,000, that Spengle say is "a rare opportunity to own a visual masterpiece." 

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Spengle claim to have been the first to produce a three-spoke bike wheel in 1988, and while they disappeared for a few years they're now back thanks to modern materials and manufacturing techniques; their range includes urban, gravel and mtb wheelsets. 

Spengle offer special edition wheels in a number of loud custom paintjobs and designs, including 'Molten Lava' and 'Neon Glitch' priced between £5,640 - £7,680 a pair... but the Gold wheelset takes things up a notch in both price and luxury, with 24 carat gold leaf hand-laid over the carbon fibre. Spengle's standard gravel wheelset we reviewed last year come in at £1,290 a pair. 


A "masterpiece in craftsmanship" according to Spengle, the Gold wheelset is "the ultimate expression of Kinetic Art" and designed to excite... it will certainly excite your partner or spouse if they check the bank balance after you've dropped £10k on them, probably not in a good way either. That said, Spengle say there's a 30 day satisfaction guarantee so you can always return them if you decide the cash is best spent elsewhere (why on earth would you think that?)

Very little information about the wheels or their tech specs are included on the product listing on Spengle's website; although we have a feeling any potential buyer won't be too interested in how they ride, more how they look hung up in a very expensive palace or mansion. If that person is you, the wheels ship for free worldwide and can be ordered here

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Giles Pargiter | 4 years ago
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Looks like a "repurposed" brass plated ancient truck steering wheel to me LOL.

Xenophon2 | 4 years ago

They should have the decency to at least offer them with a set of Gokiso hubs, what's an extra 8k at prices like these?  Ah, and for that heap of coal I want not just free shipping but DDP delivery so that I don't pay import duty and VAT on them.  

SPENGLE Carbon replied to Xenophon2 | 4 years ago

good news!

for that price you get them hand-delivered to a destination of your choice, we'll even install if you want us to laugh

ktache | 4 years ago
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The iridescent looks quite nice, but it does look like you are paying £5-6 grand for a paint job for your wheels.

SPENGLE Carbon replied to ktache | 4 years ago

that's EXACTLY what you are paying for.

A one-of-a-kind paintjob that looks super cool, will definitly enlarge the libido, and may well even deliver additional watts!!!

RobD | 4 years ago

I'm surprised there were no claims about the gold helping to absorb road vibrations etc, at least they're just going with the luxury angle I guess, and it gets them some extra coverage.

SPENGLE Carbon replied to RobD | 4 years ago
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wait what? it does that?

will resent the press-release with your quote attached!

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