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Five cool things coming soon from Lezyne, Fizik, Naked Bikes, Cosmo Connected and Michelin

Some of the top gear and tech we're testing at the moment, with full reviews coming soon...

Well, what a downpour we had this weekend! The low temperatures also made it feel like Autumn had officially arrived, so we'll be layering up more from here on in. Here's the pick of the testing pile this week... 

Lezyne Macro Drive 1300XXL


Lezyne Macro Drive 1300XXL.jpg

The latest version of Lezyne's popular Macro Drive comes in various lumen strengths, with this one packing a huge 1300 on full beam. The battery can last up to 148 hours on the lowest pulse setting, and the beam shape is optimised thanks to Lezyne's Tri-Focus Optics lens, which creates a brighter centre spot in a large wide-angle pattern. It's USB rechargeable, and the versatile strap means it can be stuck on and removed from your bars in seconds. Will this be Stu Kerton's go-to beam for the darker months? His review is coming soon...

Fizik Vento Argo R3 saddle​


Fizik Vento Argo R1 saddle - top.jpg

Fizik have finally embraced short and stubby with the release of the Temp Argo and Vento Argo saddles, the latter of which features above. Fizik say the Vento Argo is designed "to offer racing cyclists greater stability and better weight distribution", with the short length allowing the rider to sit further forward without placing undue pressure on sensitive tissues. the cutout was also developed using detailed pressure analysis and input from medical experts, so say Fizik. A low profile foam should make for a reactive and springy experience, and it's available in 140mm and 150mm widths. Dave Arthur is using this pressure-relieving perch now, with his test report coming soon.

Naked Bikes Pure Bike Shampoo


Naked Bikes Pure Bike Shampoo

It's not a bike, nor is it one of those clothes-free bike rides... but Naked Bikes is a 'bike shampoo' that claims to give your bike a unique shine with its blend of "the finest grade oils" which is designed to protect the lifespan of your frame. Naked Bikes say they don't use any thickeners, salts or bulking agents, yet the gentle formula packs enough punch to clean your steed in no time. At six quid for 500ml, it's not bad value, either. How does the shampoo stack up to our favourite tried and tested cleaners? Matt Lamy is going to be scrubbing with it for the foreseeable before he tells us his verdict...

Michelin Power Cyclocross Mud Tyre


Michelin Power Cyclocross Jet Tyre.jpg

We have a couple of questions about this tyre, although undoubtedly they look rather cool. Surely you won't really be able to see the nice splash of turquoise when you've just finished a super muddy CX race? Plus, it's unusual that the top is coloured in when we're more used to seeing jazzed up sidewalls. Of course we're more interested in how they ride, and Michelin promise they offer great grip on wet and dry terrain, are optimised to cope with low pressures and have plenty of puncture resistance. Liam Cahill will be letting us know how they perform in the opening stages of his CX season in a few weeks' time...

Cosmo Connected tail light with remote control


Cosmo Connected - Cosmo Bike with Remote Control 2.jpg

Cosmo Connected are also in the 'smart helmet' game, but have designed this handy little rear light to be portable so it can fit on your seatpost or the back of your helmet using the Cosmo Bike Universal Mount. It packs an impressive 90 lumens, and has a built-in accelerometer that automatically detects you slowing down to initiate its brake light, plus indicators. It pairs via Bluetooth 4.0 to either your smartphone or the Cosmo remote (included for the price) so you can use the turn signals or change light modes from your bars. Did James Whateley find it smarter than his usual rear light? Find out in his full test report, due in next month...


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