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Video first look at Rapha's new Waterproof Frame Pack - will it pass the hosepipe test?

A quick first look video at Rapha's brand new Waterproof Frame Pack

Strapping bags to bikes is all the rage right now, and Rapha has joined the fun with an all-new range of frame packs. In this video, we take a first look at the Waterproof Frame Pack and see how waterproof it really is. 

Though it's been tested to withstand the demands of racing and riding across Europe, according to the press blurb anyway, and other epic events and adventures, the Rapha Waterproof Frame Pack, and all frame packs really, are well-suited to a wide range of uses. So they're ideal for touring and Audax and handy for longer commutes too. And for regular rides where they are a good alternative to stuffing everything in a tiny saddle pack and your jacket pockets. 

- Frame Bags for Commuting

Obviously, this Rapha frame pack is at the pricier end of the scale. There are now plenty to choose from in this market and we've taken a look at many of the options in this guide. Back to the Rapha frame pack, and you're looking at a totally waterproof design and constructed from tough PU-coated ripstop polyester with minimal panels to save weight. There is 4-litres of space with a main compartment on the right and a sleeve pocket on the left for handy access items.

It costs £85 and is available from 

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