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Five cool things coming soon to from Tubolito, Storck, Giro, CatEye and Gore

Some more of the best gear, bikes and kit on test with's roving team of reviewers at the moment...

We're expecting our first proper cold temperatures of the year over the coming few days, so it's time to dig out those overshoes, jackets and the like and face the freeze! Here is some of the stuff we'll be trying out regardless of what's going on outside over the next few weeks...

Tubolito Tubo road inner tube


Tubolito Tubo Road

20-odd quid for an inner tube? This ain't just any old inner tube, say Tubolito, as it weighs just 38g, offering on average a 70g weight saving compared to a normal tube. They also say they're stronger than standard inners, and they're suitable for disc or rim brake bikes. Are they really worth it, and how on earth is our tester Neil Gander going to test it? We're as intrigued as anyone else, with Neil's review due in a couple of weeks' time.

Storck Fascenario.3 Comp Ultegra


Storck Fascenario.3 Comp Ultegra - riding 3.jpg

Storck's Fascenario.3 frame has 'advanced sectional aerodynamic shaping' applied to the frame and a flat section impact solution at the rear, with the aim to provide a comfortable and fast ride that borrows tech from the Platinum and Pro models yet comes in at a much more affordable price. Usually Storck aren't known for their discounting but this looks like a very decent package for the money, but will it ride as such? Stu's test report is coming soon...

Giro Savix road shoes


Giro Savix shoes - side.jpg

The Savix is a mid-level road shoe that aims to offer plenty of comfort with easy adjustment. Weighing 310g for a size 42, they have a single Boa L6 dial and a universal 3/2 nylon outsole so you can mount two or three bolt cleats (useful if you want to take them mountain biking or use in the spinning studio, which often have two-bolt pedals). Steve Williams is currently testing these kicks.

Gore C5 Gore-Tex Shakedry 1985 Insulated Jacket


Gore C5 Gore-Tex Shakedry 1985 Insulated Jacket - riding.jpg

Before you do a double-take at that hefty price tag, check out our reviewer Dave Arthur's instalment of 'things I couldn't ride without' on Gore's first Shakedry jacket; it's a pretty glowing statement and according to Dave the investment goes pretty far, and on this new version Gore have introduced some colours while keeping it totally waterproof and have also added a zip, while the jacket itself can still pack down into your jersey back pocket itself. "Never get stuck in the cold and wet again", say Gore... is that the case? The verdict is due soon.

CatEye Volt 1300 RC Front Light


Cat Eye Volt 1300 RC Front Light.jpg

This super-bright 1300 lumen front beam has five different light modes which can easily be switched through by pressing the top power button, with both flashing and solid modes. You can get a huge 150 hours out of the economy mode, and 2 hours out of the very highest beam for off-roading and the unlit tracks. The OptiCube lens also ensures your seen from all angles. Did Stu find it illuminating? The review is due early next month...


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Arriving at in 2017 via 220 Triathlon Magazine, Jack dipped his toe in most jobs on the site and over at eBikeTips before being named the new editor of in 2020, much to his surprise. His cycling life began during his students days, when he cobbled together a few hundred quid off the back of a hard winter selling hats (long story) and bought his first road bike - a Trek 1.1 that was quickly relegated to winter steed, before it was sadly pinched a few years later. Creatively replacing it with a Trek 1.2, Jack mostly rides this bike around local cycle paths nowadays, but when he wants to get the racer out and be competitive his preferred events are time trials, sportives, triathlons and pogo sticking - the latter being another long story.  

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Orbea1967 | 5 years ago

Does anyone know if the Storck Fascenario.3 Comp Ultegra or Storck Fascenario.3 Comp Dura Ace, are available in the UK, and if so, where can you buy either bike from?

ChrisB200SX | 5 years ago

Is the tubolito just a new incarnation of the really expensive, lightweight, lower rolling resistance and highly puncture-resistant Swiss polyurethane innertubes that are almost impossible to source?
Could be buying some though  1

simonmb replied to ChrisB200SX | 5 years ago

ChrisB200SX wrote:

Is the tubolito just a new incarnation of the really expensive, lightweight, lower rolling resistance and highly puncture-resistant Swiss polyurethane innertubes that are almost impossible to source?
Could be buying some though  1

The Eclipse tubes were even lighter, and cost around twice as much. Mind you, being made of unicorn hair you'd expect that. I never actually saw an Eclipse, nor did I meet anyone who had.

simonmb | 5 years ago

They're pretty decent. Been around for a while. And for a typical mtb-tube there's a massive weight saving of around 200g over butyl. 

StraelGuy | 5 years ago

Me too, something quite fascinating about them in a strange way .

Smultie | 5 years ago

Looking forward to the Tubolito review!

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