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Specialized’s new Body Geometry Elaston saddles akin to sitting on a "cloud of 1,000 pillows"

Ride a 1,000 clouds with Specialized's new Elaston saddle foam technology

Here’s something we’ve not seen before, Specialized’s new Body Geometry Elaston saddles, claimed as they are to let you “ride a cloud of 1,000 pillows” which sounds amazing if you’ve ever suffered saddle discomfort.

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Specialized hasn’t quite managed to condense that many pillows into a saddle. What it has actually done is used a new padding technology that expands thousands of small beads into foam, which it reckons gives the effect of sitting on a cloud of pillows. But how do they know how that feels? Have they built a rig?

specialized elaston saddles3

"We've replaced the traditional PU padding for an Elaston foam construction that's made up of small beads that are expanded into the foam. The result? The feeling off sitting on 1,000 miniature pillows rather than one piece of foam," explains Specialized.

The new padding replaces the usual polyurethane and is found in the company’s stubby nosed Power saddle, the Power Pro Elaston to give it its full name. Aside from this fancy new padding, you’re looking at a lightweight carbon fibre shell with a central channel and hollow titanium rails. Two widths, 143 and 155mm, are available, with the narrowest weighing a claimed 231g.

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The tech team have always found Body Geometry saddles to generally be very comfortable, with a good range of shapes to choose from. The short-nosed Power is part of a growing trend of performance focused saddles intended for very aggressive rider fits, helping to reduce pressure on soft tissue when in the aero position. We look forward to seeing what impact this new padding has on saddle comfort. 

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These new saddles don't come cheap mind, coming in at £190 compared to £175 for a regular Power Pro saddle. More at

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