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Pissei turns yellow for the Tour de France

The Italian cycling apparel brand have unveiled some special edition kit ahead of Le Tour, which they say brings "Pissei style and quality" to fans of the big race...

Pissei have unveiled two yellow-themed jerseys to commemorate this year's Tour de France, including a new version of their eccentric Cartoon print and the super light Hors Categorie.  

Pissei CARTTOURJER_2000x1500_5

The Cartoon print was first made in Giro-pink back in May, and although we've no idea what the link is between superheroes/cartoon characters and Grand Tours, it will certainly get folk talking. It has a regular fit that's suitable for all shapes and sizes, with a soft and breathable back panel to make it spot on for hot summer riding plus laser-cut sleeves and grippers for added comfort.

Pissei HCTOURJER_2000x1500_3

A splash of Pissei yellow has also been added to the Hors Categorie jersey, and this one is made with an ultralight and highly technical fabric. Pissei's 'Dry Net' material on the front wicks away sweat, and it's also aerodynamically refined with a 'chronosuit' collar. It weighs just 130g.   

The Cartoon jersey is priced at €79.90, and the Hors Categorie is €109.90; while Pissei's Logo bibshorts that they recommend pairing with the jerseys come in at €99.90.    ​

If you've got a taste for Pissei, check out the new collection on their website here

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